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Hip Hop Artist, Sleep Elmi, re-releases music video, avoiding any charges.

Sleep Elmi, a multi-demographical singer, under scrutiny after accusations of religious discrimination.

The original video for his single “ You “ was aired and deleted within 2 days of it’s initial released date, 09/22/2020. Reports stated a necklace with a cross emblem worn appearing unintentionally, caused controversy within the American-Muslim’s core fanbase. Further claims that this was the reason for the video’s downtime were put to rest after the re-release of the video On 09/26/2020, with an explanation via the artists social media promotions.

Sleep Elmi denies the rumors regarding religion and discrimination but still apologizes to both communities involved in the mix up.

Posted “Now, I’m just trying to make it right” making multiple statements about the matter on his Instagram (@sleep_elmi), explaining the confusion came from probable assumptions made after the abrupt removal for a anticipated visual.

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