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Juan Sánchez Introducing Brand New Studio Release: “Now The Silence”.

For Immediate Release

September 2020 – Juan Sánchez is a music composer with a focus on creating textural arrangements and smooth sounds, with a melodic and emotional, yet minimalistic approach. His sound could be described as cinematic and inspiring, yet the simplicity of his compositions makes the songs even more personal and easy to relate to. Today, Juan is ready to unleash a brand new studio release: “Now The Silence”.

This album features a very introspective sound, and the concept of the tracks deals with the importance of solitude. We live in a very fast-paced and frantic world these days. At times, we forget how useful and relevant it could be to spend some quality quiet time. Being on your own for a while can be a great way to take a break from the pressure of our daily lives, as well as being able to see things from a different perspective. This album is indeed a fantastic opportunity to embrace some alone-time and soak deeper into this wonderful music.

The idea for this release actually came together during the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many millions of people all around the world, Juan himself was stuck indoors. He was at home during the lockdown, and this meant that he had to forcefully spend time away from other people. Although the situation might seem bleak, Juan actually focused on the positive aspects of loneliness. In his own words: “I can only stress the importance of what it means to take some time out and reflect on things from both a mental and spiritual perspective.”

The beautiful songs featured on “Now The Silence” are very contemplative and remarkably beautiful, featuring arpeggios, seemingly floating into the air. There is also room for some strings as well as some colorful and emotional arrangements bringing so much focus on depth to the compositions, while still allowing the piano to be the main focus here. The opening track, “Very Young Old Man,” captures the mood of loneliness to perfection. “Luz de La Luna,” which translates to “Moonlight,” features a beautiful arpeggio and a busier arrangement, with some amazing strings. “Now The Silence” is perhaps my personal favorite on the album: no wonder it is the title track! I love how this particular track unfolds, going for a textural and minimalistic approach, with a bittersweet melody. “Alma” is another beautiful combination of arpeggiated piano and strings, making me think of artists such as Yann Tiersen or Alexandre Desplat, only to mention a few. The song “Woolgathering” is another excellent addition to the set-list. The arpeggiated intro has a relaxed tempo, and the song unfolds gently, but surely into an exciting, multi-dimensional arrangement, in the vein of artists like Olafur Arnalds. “Tolworth” falls along the same lines, merging in beautifully with the mood of this introspective and emotional album. “Idyllic” is a hopeful, bright melody with a really fantastic feel and a nostalgic vibe. After that, the song “Remembrance” brings yet more of a melancholic nostalgic sound to the table, as the title might imply. This track feels like longing, yearning, but still embracing the perks of solitude, as described by the artist concerning the concept of the songs on this album. “Siempre” is another fantastic track, and one of the most powerful compositions on the album, in my opinion. The sound seems to be hugging you, unfolding and developing all around you, while still maintaining a refreshingly minimalistic outlook. The song “Blue Nights” is a soft, textural composition with some magical string melodies. This is perhaps one of the most ambitious and far-reaching songs on the album, and it is one of the most striking compositions in terms of how evocative Juan’s sound can be. I love how the strings take the lead, and there is some room for the piano to be a bit more lo-fi; for example, you can really hear the fingers sliding on the keys, making for a more organic formula that sounds absolutely beautiful and rounded.

This is a fantastic album that sets the bar higher, going for a very simple, yet strikingly beautiful creative formula.

If you are a fan of score-type music, neoclassical composers, and generally, great instrumentals with a mellow vibe, this one is going to be right up your alley.

Find out more about Juan Sánchez and do not miss out on “Now The Silence,” which is currently available on the composer’s website and music streaming platforms:

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