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From Palestine to New York – Ahmad Atieh’s Inspiring Journey of Success

For many an emigrant from Palestine, a land of strife and struggle, the United States of America represents hope. America holds a promise of a better life, (relatively) safe from the dangers of a nation torn due to differences between people – differences that have the same effect in the asylum too. Thus, for someone born to Palestinian emigrants and raised in the U.S., an understanding and positive view of the world can be difficult.

Why do people different from us, not like us? What makes them not “us”? Should I like only people who are “us”?

It is not beyond one’s imagination to estimate that a child born to Palestinian parents in the U.S. might have thoughts along these lines. If the child grows up to not have such narrow-minded opinions of things, it would have been an admirable feat of both the child and their parents.

Ahmad Atieh and his parents truly deserve such appreciation.

The upcoming YouTube star was born in New Jersey just more than a couple of decades ago after his parents left Palestine for good in search of a better life. Like from a good well comes good water, Ahmad was raised to believe that everyone is the same regardless of their race, religion, nationality or anything else at all. And the upbringing clearly reflects in the Muslim American’s work and activism now.

Though he is an engineering graduate, Ahmad, along with his friend Mustafa Hussain, whom he knew and was best friends with since high school, had other lofty ambitions, seemingly stemming from the stories of hardships faced by their people around the world. Muslims are often plagued by prejudice and America is no exception in this regard. The duo is actively battling against the negative stereotypes faced by Muslims while at the same time propagating a core message of Islam – charity, through their videos on their hit channel on YouTube.

They say, practice what you preach, and that’s exactly what Ahmad and Mustafa do. Giving the homeless and otherwise needy gifts, money, food, clothes and more, they capture their activism on camera to inspire everyone watching to do the same.

Ahmad’s parents could not be prouder of their son. The culmination of all their efforts to live a good life and raise a responsible child is Ahmad and Mustafa’s channel which started in 2015 and now has over a hundred and twenty thousand subscribers.

Peace and harmony is arguably the ultimate wish of every Palestinian facing the wrath of war and loss. Ahmad is making his country of origin proud by fighting the good fight, so that one day every Palestinian can experience a life of happiness and calm.

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