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Self-confidence as an Element of Success: The Story of Entrepreneur and Youtuber Kevin Macri

Trust is an indispensable quality of an entrepreneur. Trusting your capabilities and potential to achieve your goals is, to a large extent, what will give you the impetus to move forward towards your objectives. It has been precisely this self-confidence that has led young people like Kevin Macri to achieve their most desired goals.

Kevin Macri is a 23-year-old entrepreneur whose dream from a very young age was to become a successful businessman. As he grew up, this dream became increasingly possible, in principle, thanks to the availability of digital media that he used as a key tool. And also, because of the effort and dedication, he put into achieving his goals.

For a long time in his youth, he was linked to the musical environment. In Uruguay, his country of origin, he had the opportunity to participate in various musical events in addition to projecting a little more, they gave his personality more confidence and naturalness. However, his intention to continue advancing in his goal led him to leave his country and go to Argentina.

In this new beginning, he stood out as Youtuber, was part of a recognized cast in the country, with which he traveled internationally, and had even more closeness with the audience, inside and outside the platform. This receptivity and recognition from the public were even more favorable to his project.

Focusing on the power of social media as a business tool, Kevin prepared and planned to independently undertake his digital marketing strategies, not only to grow his brand but to provide others with a strong presence and power in social media.

So far, this path has led him to considerable success. With only five months in business, this young man managed to capitalize on $1 million in sales. On top of that, he grew his social media team, now leading more than 50 people. While he continues to focus on his growth as a digital marketing expert.

Trust Your Ideas and How To Develop Them

Trust in your projects is an elemental ingredient in the process of starting a new business. If you doubt what you are doing, you may not be able to convey to others the potential of your ideas and how far they can go. This hinders the development of any company, no matter how promising it may be.

As an entrepreneur, you need to transmit confidence. Whether it is to attract customers or investors. For this reason, believing in you, in what you do, and in your way of doing it is essential so that others also do it and can see the capabilities you have to go far.

Maintain Persistence in Your Objectives

Persisting in the development and fulfillment of ideas is another key factor in the development of trust. If, for example, you start a project and abandon it at the first obstacle and then start another, likely, you will never complete any path.

The best thing is to persist in your ideas, even if along the way it is necessary to renew, reorganize and even rethink some things, do not stop working to achieve the objectives, because this will not only lead you to obtain results but will speak of the determination and commitment you put into achieving your goals.

In Kevin’s case, this aspect has been crucial. His experience has not been easy, a young man no older than 20 years who is going to live in a country completely alone, starting from scratch and without initial support has been a great challenge.

However, to persist in his objectives has led him to have the courage and motivation to face diverse scenarios and to keep the focus, the calm to make the right decisions that will bring positive results in the development of his goals.

Today, despite the success he has achieved as a Youtuber and as an entrepreneur in the area of digital marketing, Kevin further projects his growth as an industry expert with international growth. He is working delicately to do so and generating innovative content to maintain his strong presence in social networks.

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