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Catching up with Isaac King

Isaac King, writer and director, has been sweeping the Southeast with his new show, “How To Be Black”, to be featured May 2021. We’re at an early point, but things are already looking great for the shows release! We had a few questions to ask Isaac about his show!

Q- So what is the show “How to Be Black” about?

A- The idea behind the show, is basically “Fresh Prince” in reverse. The main character, Daniel, moves from California to Georgia and the culture shock is INCREDIBLE. He realizes that he has been left behind and doesn’t know the culture from which he derives. As a comedy, the show follows his learning about black history, culture, and everything else in between.

Q-Where did the inspiration of the show come from?

A- My own personal life. At a time, I WAS Daniel, and I basically had to learn life all over again when my family and I moved to Georgia.

Q-Who were your inspirations growing up?

A-I would say that Will Smith would be one of the biggest influences I’ve had growing up. I loved ALL of his movies and ever since a kid I wanted to be like him.

Q-Do you have any other projects in the works?

A-Aside from the show, I’m a musician, and I also have several music releases coming out as well too, some accompanying the show.

Q-What do you want people to learn or take from the show?

A- I want people to understand that being who you are is important, but it’s also important to know where you’ve come from. Your history, your family, your background, are all important and vital in your life and it’s all information you’ll need.

Q-Where can we find you?

A- You can find the show on Facebook at, “How To Be Black”

Q-What channel with the show be on?

A-It will be on Roku, Google, and Amazon under QUEUE VISION.

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