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Car Buying Service: Saving You Money and Keeping You Safe

Roxy T.

Pasadena CA

American Automotive News Journal

Rebecca Johnson of Los Angeles, Calif., didn’t want the extra stress of going to the dealer and buying a new car. She had gone car shopping for months trying to find “the one,” scouring around Los Angeles County and into Orange county. But every time she left the dealer, she was farther from finding “the one.”

Rebecca was tired of the hassle and feeling like the vultures were coming in every time she stepped onto a dealership property.

AMG Cars Inc. is a subsidiary of American Motor Group Inc. Located in San Diego CA and Canoga Park CA. One year ago, Ms. Johnson was tired of all the stress and hassle from the dealers, so she found a Car buying service, to be exact, she found AMG Cars Inc. Within minutes, Ms. Johnson related to a broker who listened to what she wanted and worked to get just that. Rebecca did not care about checking under the hood or having a sales guy read the paper tag on the car with all the cars specification. Calling AMG Cars Inc, in Canoga Park, CA, was a life-changer.

Ms. Johnson was adamant about finding an Alpine White with Cognac interior BMW 530i. She wasn’t too picky on the car’s additional specification; however, Ms. Johnson didn’t like being told she can’t have something she wants. Ms. Johnson knew there must be a way to get the car she wanted, even though one dealership salesman told her, “what you want doesn’t exist.” An AMG Cars Inc broker not only got her an Alpine white and Cognac 530i, but he also managed to get her all the add-on packages she wanted and some she didn’t even think she could afford.

“It’s an amazing car,” Ms. Johnson said. “I hate the normal process of car buying, and I feel that when you’re at the dealer, especially as a woman, they make you waste so much time there, and you never walk out ahead. I love that the brokers at AMG Cars Inc helped me get more out of my car buying experience.”

AMG Cars Inc is a family-owned and operated car buying service. The brokers at AMG Cars Inc are like family rather then just employees working for the next paycheck. The company motto is, “Our Client satisfaction is our satisfaction!” They work every day doing what every typical car buyer hates. They negotiate the best deals for their client’s new cars.

Many car buying services and their brokers claim that their services protect each consumer from unscrupulous dealers, they save you time, and, in many cases, they save you money when you either buy or lease a car.

AMG Cars Inc has accepted numerous challenges to prove their services are better than other car buying services. In February, the NABA (National Auto Broker Association) pitted them against a major car buying service. The challenge was, AMG Cars Inc and Costco Auto were to find the best available deal for an Audi with a list price of $56,000. AMG Cars’ total discount on the selected vehicle was $8,5000 beating the opposing offer by $2,500.

Finding a reputable car buying service isn’t easy. The names this type of service goes by including Auto Brokers, Automotive Concierge, and even Vehicle negotiation services.

Fast forward to current times with a worldwide pandemic, and the option of going from dealership to dealership is no longer available. Now is the time when Auto Brokers like AMG Cars Inc will make car buying so easy.

To know you can still get a new car and be safe during a global pandemic has set up a new way of life for everyone. Covid-19 has shown how life has changed and how car buying services are crucial to the everyday service.

With CDC requirements limiting access to enclosed places, dealerships see fewer clients and limit availability to each dealer location. However, auto brokers deliver the cars to each client’s home or office in the middle of the pandemic. Reducing the risks of exposure and still getting their clients into new vehicles.

Tony from AMG Cars Inc says, “COVID-19 has brought out so many changes in dealerships that our clients are lost in the how they can buy a new car. Car Salesmen have less time available, and the experience is completely different. You can’t just walk onto the lot and look at the cars you want. You need to make an appointment, who can deal with that? As brokers, it’s great to know we can fill the gap and get our clients into their new cars on their timeline, not the dealers.”

Like any service hiring an Auto Broker is not free, just like a car salesman isn’t selling the car to you out of the kindness of his/her own heart. The fees charged can be upfront or built into the loan payment ranging from $500 to $1,500, depending on the vehicle’s value.

“Some people ask me ‘what’s the point of this; I can negotiate the payments on my lease/purchase on my own for free.’” Tony from AMG Cars says, “My response is simple you can go and file a civil lawsuit on your own too, but you go and hire a lawyer. Why? Because they know the business. They know the ins and outs of the law. As Auto Brokers, this is our life, and our goal is to get every one of our clients the best deal possible.”

For car buyers who are anxious in these times of a pandemic to buy a new car, whose time and health are more valuable then negotiating prices on your own, using an auto buying service may be worthwhile. Some buyers hire a professional negotiator (aka an auto broker) to negotiate the best deal possible from their network of dealers.

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