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Military Families using Telemedicine during COVID-19

Getting your child to the pediatrician can be a challenge on any ordinary day. When your child is sick, if you have a large family, or you are temporarily a one-parent household, this challenge is magnified. For military families, COVID-19 has brought additional stress to families. This is because some medical facilities on military bases do not allow parents to bring siblings along. As a result, families have to incur an additional expense of getting a babysitter in order to take the sick child to the provider. This is where XpertCare came in. XpertCare is a Pediatric Digital Health company that provides telemedicine to tricare families.

XpertCare is changing the way military families experience the pediatrician. According to Emmanuel Opati, the company’s CEO, “XpertCare started out of an experience of my co-founder whose child needed to see a Pediatric Behavioral specialist and had to wait for over a month and had to travel to another town to get care for his child. We wondered how many families are facing this issue and when we did research, we discovered that it is a big challenge for many families. What I am most proud of is how we have become the trusted Pediatric telehealth provider for our military families who now do not have to wait weeks or travel to consult with Board Certified Pediatricians. What is exciting for us right now is that kids get to see the faces and smiles of our Pediatricians because masks are not reauired. That connection is key to patient satisfaction.”

XpertCare continues to move forward as a leader in the industry – making pediatric medical care easier for our country’s military families.


As a military family, consistency in healthcare is a rarity. Moving around so much can really put a damper on being able to develop a rapport with a pediatrician. And, let’s face it moms – we want the pediatrician who cares for our children to know them, don’t we?

With XpertCare, you can have access to your pediatrician no matter where you are. And, unlike other telemedicine companies, you can always see the same doctor. You feel comfortable, the pediatrician knows your child, and your child knows the doctor, too.


With deployment and relocation being real-life situations, military families are always left trying to find their equilibrium. Of course, we can’t fix everything – but we can offer a solution when it comes the medical care for your children.

The convenience that comes with XpertCare means that there is no need to physically visit the doctor’s office. No need to find transportation, childcare for siblings, or even get dressed! We know it is tough being a mom – especially being a mom to a sick kid.

With 4 kids (one of which is medically complicated) and my husband stationed abroad, XpertCare is absolutely invaluable.” – Lacie Allen, Military Spouse

With the click of a button, you can schedule your appointment and be face-to-face with the pediatrician of your choice in no time at all.

Now that is convenient.

Thorough Treatment.

When it comes to telemedicine, one common hesitation is whether the treatment you receive from an online visit is as reputable as an in-office visit. After a recent visit with Dr. Di Enno, one of our pediatricians at XpertCare, military spouse Allen said, “Dr. Di Enno’s diagnosis and treatment plans have been spot on (croup, a staph infection, and a preteen migraine).” All diagnosed with a careful, thorough evaluation and knowing how to ask the right questions.

This happens every day here at XpertCare.

Pandemic Solutions

When you are stuck in the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic we are experiencing, who wouldn’t want the opportunity to see a pediatrician without the risk? One military mom is showing her gratitude for XpertCare’s service: “Dr. Di Enno has been an absolute lifesaver during this pandemic and I cannot imagine going back to life without her now!”


When your little one isn’t feeling so great, moms always want to do what they can to provide comfort and healing. With XpertCare, you can get the professional guidance and interaction with a licensed pediatrician – without ever having to make your child leave the house. Convenience, consistency, comfort, and care for your little one.

Visit to schedule your visit today! And, yes – your visit is covered by Tricare, which means there is no cost to military families!

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