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Quality Not Quantity: Luca Valori’s Secret To Climbing the Top

In many cases, it is common to find people for whom quality and quantity are equally important aspects. In the business environment, although both play a fundamental role, quality can be of greater value, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship, where offering value is the main element to appropriately scale a business. From his experience, the entrepreneur Luca Valori, says that focusing on quality has been his greatest strength in promoting his brand.

Luca is a successful expert in e-commerce and digital marketing. In addition to excelling in the Dropshipping business, he is also a co-founder of multiple brands and a trainer of great entrepreneurs, with whom he shares the techniques that have led him to success.

Within all these processes, Luca has found his passion. Although he has always dreamed of being a high level entrepreneur, having the opportunity to go deeper into the digital environment, it has opened the doors to a world that has transformed his life.

Seeing the potential of Dropshipping was the click he needed to focus his attention on this business modality and prepare himself in every possible way to find the key that will lead him to success within it.

So far, he has made great progress. From millionaire income to more than 4,300 students taking advantage of his online courses to form their skills in the development of a successful business through e-commerce.

Within his experience, giving more value to quality than quantity is what has assured his the best results. He emphasizes that scaling up a business represents a challenge, but that, if the right options are considered, based on quality and not on quantity, the results are likely to be more favorable.

Sometimes Less is More

For Luca, in the business world, in many cases, it is better to apply the “less is more” modality. For example, he stresses that, from his experience, it is better to have few collaborators, but of the highest quality.

He tries, within his brands, to maintain the least number of employees possible. Start with a low number, and thus, have to avoid reducing in the future. This has brought good results. Because he does not focus on a large team at the beginning, but on establishing what is necessary to bring the brand forward.

Later, as the company grows, it can incorporate new elements, without losing the initial quality. This is what ensures, it must represent a priority for any brand.

Patience and Persistence: a Necessary Combination

For Luca, patience and persistence are two necessary elements within the entrepreneurial process. This, in the context of maintaining caution, from the beginning of the venture until the process of consolidation of the same.

A company does not trace success to itself overnight. Neither does it grow or scale positioning within the digital environment automatically. It is a progressive process, in which elements such as work, constancy, and dedication are transcendental factors.

Starting from scratch is a challenge because you do not know what is ahead. You venture into a process with great expectations. However, this experience is vital for growth. Regardless of the results, it is what will make you grow as a person and an entrepreneur in training.

From all this, patience and persistence will allow you to work focused while the results come progressively. Growth will come as you work, dedicating time, and attention to these elements. This is fundamental.

Hunger For Growth

Even if you are at the top of your success, being a businessman recognized and highlighted as the best in your area, maintaining the hunger and thirst for growth, will be an indispensable engine to continue achieving goals and climbing in the positioning of the brand.

In Luca’s case, his passion remains intact. He assures that he does not plan to retire for a long time, and that, if he did, he would stop living, because, beyond his job, he considers business in the digital environment a lifestyle.

Keeping his entrepreneurial spirit intact and his desire to grow has allowed him to reinvent himself and innovate in his area more than once to continue being the best. This has given him a distinction in e-commerce and digital marketing, where he is qualified as one of the best.

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