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Angel Investors Team Up to Make Pitch Events Obsolete

Watch deep dive calls conducted by real investors at your own time and pace

— Entrepreneurs and Startup CEOs have always had a tough time getting in front of the right investors and for raising capital for their ventures. Successful entrepreneurs say that it is a full-time job giving elevator pitches, attending all-day events where you get the spotlight for 10 minutes, and shaking hands with enough people to give you Carpal Tunnel all over again. Two Angel investors have recognized this problem and have launched Startup Steroid to remedy the situation.

Anshuman Sinha, President of TiE SoCal and Dhaval Kapadia, Vice-Chair of TiE SoCal Angels are creating a multimedia platform called Startup Steroid with a mission to connect founders with investors. The way they achieve this is by creating three pieces of content for each startup: A short 30-second pitch (A trailer), a five to seven minute clip (A teaser), and a 30 to 45-minute interview (deep dive call) with the entrepreneur.  These videos are then distributed through Startup Steroid’s extensive network of investors (angels, VCs, family offices and PE firms).  

By using this process, Startup Steroid solves two very big problems that Anshuman and Dhaval have seen in their many years of investing in startups. 1) Entrepreneurs having to go “door-to-door” visiting hundreds of investors to see if anyone is interested in their company; and 2) Investors making a “go/no go” decision based on a 10-minute pitch. 

For Entrepreneurs

Startup Steroid allows founders to share their story with emotion, drive and passion that is just not possible through a short pitch, or from a 15-slide presentation. A conversation allows them to showcase their ambition in a much more direct way and with all the feelings that are stripped out of a static presentation. Also, once recorded, this conversation can be shared with other potential investors, which can give the young startup third party validation and allows them to use their time much more efficiently. 

For Investors

Startup Steroid frees the investors from a fixed time and schedule. The recorded interviews with the founders are available to the investors when they are ready to consume them. The short summary as well as the short video clips, allows the investor to review many companies quickly, and then spend 30 to 45 minutes with the startups that really interests them. Once they have spent this time, and are ready to start their due diligence process, the team at Startup Steroid can make the introduction with the founder. This is the future of investing.

For more information, visit or search Startup Steroid on YouTube.

For more information, press only:

Contact Dhaval Kapadia at 516-582-4520, or via e-mail at

Anshuman Sinha at 714-504-7434, or via e-mail at

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