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Roaring through Himalayas on a Royal Enfield

At a boutique Hotel near International Airport of Delhi, a group of travelers rendezvous for first time.

They all hail from different parts of the World, but today there motive is same; Adventure in the Himalayas with Wild Triumph, an Indian company that specializes in motorcycle tours.

“Nature’s beauty seems so much closer from the seat of a saddle” Mohit Chauhan, Director of Wild Triumph tells LA Tribune. “We take our group of riders off the beaten tracks and into the valleys of astounding Himalayas. The picturesque and majestic view along the ride leaves the riders spellbound. Besides, touring through motorbike offers a more intimate connection with the people of the places you pass through.”

The country welcomes millions of tourists every year, and lately a new type of traveler has started arriving — motorcyclist. A popular adventure route connecting Manali, Spiti Valley and Ladakh has introduced, with riders seeking history and culture to accompany adventure.

Himalayan Motorcycle Tour is one of the most iconic bike adventure that take you from the foothills of the Himalayas in Manali to all the way into the most incredible and highest passes of the World.

Home to the country’s highest mountain peaks, Ladakh is a part of Himalayan mountain range, and has been a tourist hotspot for decades. Most motorcycle riders visit Himalayas for at least 2 weeks to enjoy the Tibetan culture, history, and the extreme off road ride.

Temperatures can quickly plummet in these mountains and the rough roads can leave you exhausted by the end of the day, but the discomfort is wiped out by the thrill of experiencing Himalaya’s most epic panoramas.

A specialist in motorcycle tours, Wild Triumph organizes bike tour adventures across India, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand and Mongolia.

There is a 12-day luxury tour of Rajasthan & Taj Mahal that gives a completely different experience to riders compared with the Himalayan adventure. A Bike Trip through South India famously known as the “Spice Route Adventure”. But the most famous of all is the 13-Day Royal Enfield cultural tour of Rajasthan, Varanasi & New Delhi.

“Besides India, riders are very keen to experience the Mustang Valley of Nepal & Gobi desert of Mongolia” quoted Mohit.

While these are some of the fixed itineraries for riders to choose from, the company also customizes the tour as per the budget and duration requested by the group.

Something that amazes most of the riders!

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