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Ray J Lakhani – The New Face of Mens Fashion?

Paris has always been the fashion capital of the world. So where other than Paris would one go to seek the highest of ranks in the fashion world? I wouldn’t say there’s many options.

Ray J Lakhani, founder and owner of the Artistic Initiative, has been able to make waves in the industry through the use of the internet. With thousands of fans following his every move, Ray has been able to express his sense of fashion through social media, and receive a surreal amount of admiration for his creative ensembles. Ray’s style is quite the concoction of new school street wear, subtly fused with prep school, and uptown urban fashion.

It’s no surprise that Ray’s been able to catch some attention in the fashion world. He tends to style unorthodox pieces of clothing with one another, and confidently pull them off. Ray has been adamant about working with the Kardashian family, and has an extremely high admiration for Kanye West, and his outside the box mentality.

Recently, Ray has taken his persona public again, after taking a hiatus on social media to build his businesses. Now that Ray has been receiving a massive amount of media coverage for his entrepreneurial successes, he’s making it a mission to officially break into the fashion world. We had the opportunity to speak on the phone with Ray this past week, and he expressed his desire to maintain focus on growing a strong fanbase to assist with his brand as he attempts to seek recognition, and collaborations in the fashion industry. Ray is very aware of how difficult opening the door into the fashion world is, so he’s taking calculative steps, and insists that his strength with patience will help him in this journey.

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