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Jeff Knows Inc. Podcast Hosted By Jeff Lopes Is Offering a Platform For Some Of The World’s Top Entrepreneur’s To Share Their Entrepreneurial Journeys.

The Jeff Knows Inc. Podcast has been the brain child of Host Jeff Lopes. Jeff is a Toronto; based Serial Entrepreneur, who has built a reputation over the past 24 years for his ability to build and grow brands. Taking brands like Kimurawear from his home basement to a multimillion dollar brand of boxing equipment sold globally. Over the past 7 years, Jeff has focused on passive income, which has led to a growing portfolio of vacation rentals homes and also led to building his coaching business. Jeff was consistently exploring opportunities to pass on more knowledge to other entrepreneurs and that is where Jeff Knows Inc. Podcast was born.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Jeff Lopes and discussing how he manages his busy family and entrepreneurial lifestyle, while still hosting the Jeff Knows Inc. Podcast. This show offers an incredible platform for entrepreneurs to tell their inspiring stories while educating likeminded individuals.

Who is your target audience and how to you keep them coming back to listen to the Jeff Knows Inc. Podcast?

Our target audience would have to be entrepreneurs, looking to be inspired by other successful entrepreneurs. I am a strong believer in the day you die is the day you stop learning. My goal when booking guests is to find as many successful entrepreneurs that have experienced different hardships and also different successes in a vast amount of unique fields. Now a days to be able to grab the attention of an audience for 5 minutes, feels impossible with all the media available at their fingertips. So when issuing a one hour podcast, the listener needs to feel they have gained something of value from the time they have spent. Whether the guests, feels inspired to start a new venture, or gain focus on heeling their own lives and finding their purpose. The goal is to give each listener something to make them keep coming back for more each time.

What would you hope a listener will gain from each episode?

My personal goals with this platform are to help inspire millions of entrepreneurs globally to follow their dreams and find their purpose with an entertaining twist. Let’s be honest, many entrepreneurs now in 2020 are so focused on the numbers, we live in this social media driven society and I feel most hosts of platforms like mine, lose what truly inspired them to start. If I could help even one single entrepreneur with each episode, whether they connect or relate to a story from a guest, even educate themselves and find inspiration through another entrepreneur’s journey. That is what inspires me to host the Jeff Knows Inc. Podcast, I am hoping my extraordinary guests will help inspire entrepreneurs find their purpose and at the same time entertain each guest with these amazing stories, leaving a thirst to come back for more.

What are some of the factors that have contributed to the shows rapid success?

The rapid growth of the Jeff Knows Inc. Podcast has been contributed via a ton of factors. First would have to be the quality of guests. I have been fortunate enough to have built this incredible Entrepreneurial network over the past 24 years of being a serial entrepreneur. I have built some amazing relationships and it is such an incredible feeling when you see all the love and support your getting from other successful entrepreneur’s, taking time out of there insanely busy schedules to help me grow the Jeff Knows Inc. Platform. I host the podcast as an open conversation between friends; this truly offers the listeners a feeling, they are getting to know the guests on a personal level. The one factor that tops my list for this rapid success of the show has to be what the audience are getting out of listening. The level of these guests, with their touching and truly inspiring life journeys to reach the top of the ladders in there industries, will inspire any entrepreneur.

How do you find balance in work and business?

I have two main words, that I live by and those two words are schedule and prioritize. I am a strong believer in having a set schedule; everything I do most days is pre-set, I allocate time for emails, to meeting, to podcast recording to name a few. The one thing I never miss in that schedule is family time, I make sure I prioritize family time on the top of my list. I believe dinner is such an important part of family dynamic and no matter what the day brings I am always home for dinner, this is the time as a family we discuss our day and catch up. As a dad, I make sure to always block off events like dance recitals, sporting events, these are the moments your kids will look back one day and remember you being there for them. One piece of advice I would give any entrepreneur or parent, kids don’t truly care what you buy them, they just want to be loved and know you are there for them. Your goal should be to find the balance between family and business that is when you will truly find happiness.

If you have one important advice to pass along to an entrepreneur what would it be?

I would have to say, find your purpose and always know you can have many different purposes. Once you find them, you now need to recognize a true passion you have and work on turning that passion into a business. Your purpose will be what drives you to work hard; your passion will make you never feel like you’re working. I will give you an example, my personal purpose is my two amazing children, and my new business purpose is to help as many fellow entrepreneurs as possible succeed. My passion is to help educate fellow Dad entrepreneurs to find a healthy lifestyle balance between family and business. We are on this planet for such a short period of time, when you have something to do, start today and live each day as if this is how you want to be remembered one day when you’re not around. If you do that, you’re going to live a wonderful life and touch and inspire many people around you.


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