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Eduard Soponar – Launches Strawberry Agency And Unveils His ‘Power Stack Marketing’ strategy

Launching a new business during a pandemic may seem like a risk, but that hasn’t held back young Romanian entrepreneur, Eduard Soponar, who immigrated to Canada 10 years ago along with his family, his dreams and a flood of determination.

At just 26 years of age, Eduard is the proud owner of the fastest growing fashion and modelling agency in the region, an entertainment company (that played host to Canada’s largest Fashion & Music Festival in 2019) and has recently announced the launch of his latest venture, Strawberry Agency – a marketing, branding and advertising agency.

His latest business launch is a reflection of his driven attitude and a true accomplishment in a long line of noteworthy achievements. Knowing first hand how hard his single mother worked to raise him till the age of 8 years old, it was only natural that Eduard derived his own goal-focused work ethic, starting at a young age from the moment he arrived in Calgary, Canada. His journey as an entrepreneur came after years of push-back and doubt that he received from those he worked for at the start, the treatment that provided him with the motivation to achieve bigger.

With a large number of existing marketing agencies already on the scene, what makes Strawberry Agency stand out from the others? CEO of Strawberry Agency, Eduard shares his view on its unique standpoint “Marketing experts can be easily come across, most of which will focus on selling pricey strategies that often don’t bring results. For the past few years we have been working on a proven strategy called ‘power stack marketing’, yes, a strategy that really brings success!” Marketing and advertising plays a prominent role in today’s business world, helping to shape brands, build awareness and maintain loyalty. We see businesses fail each and every day, not due to their concept, but because of their failure to incorporate a professional marketing strategy that works for them.

Delving further into Strawberry Agency’s secret strategy of ‘power stack marketing’, we reached out to Eduard to provide us with more of an insight, “Power stack marketing is the most powerful marketing strategy proven to drive 300% more traffic to your business. We often find that there are 3 main reasons why a business fails. From a weak or non-existent brand, lack of traffic to their website or platforms, or insufficient knowledge regarding data analysis and how to track results, leading to a ton of wasted money”, explains Eduard.

Whilst we still don’t know the secrets behind ‘power stack marketing’ and how it works, we we’re able to squeeze further information out of Eduard, he continues to share “Four main steps make up the success of ‘power stack marketing’, the first being the branding of your campaign, which is the ultimate foundation. Secondly the importance of defining your target audience, which will save you money as well as time that is spent targeting the wrong demographics for your business. Step three is – pixels pixels pixels, as without such data we are unaware of the changes that need to be made or we’re unable to understand what is working for us – knowing where your data is coming from is key. Finally, the fourth step is to ‘unleash the power stack’, the time to get your business some business!” Eduard grins as he continues “The big secret lies in the fourth step, which is our ‘strawberry on top of the cake’, one that can be discovered and unveiled when working with us”

The strategy has been proven to bring top results for businesses, expect at least 3 times more traffic. With Eduard and his highly-skilled team of professionals, you can experience the business success you’ve always dreamed of.

Discover more by visiting their website and get in touch with the team for all your marketing & advertising needs –

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