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Afghan patriot devotes himself to his language

Pohyal Stori is a patriot from the country Afghanistan and belongs to the province Khas Kunar. It is located in the northeastern part of Afghanistan. Khas Kunar is regarded as the most beautiful place ever in all over the country.

The people mostly speak Pashto, which is itself a beauty in it. Pohyal Stori is a 22-year-old citizen from Afghanistan, and his family is from a political background. He is holding a bachelor’s in computer science. His father’s name is Abdul Nasir Stori, and he is a doctor by profession. Pohyal Stori is the grandson of a great personality named Late Dr. Kabir Stori.

Kabir Stori

Kabir Stori was a poet, writer, and Pashtun Nationalist by profession. He was the chairman of a political party named Pashtoons Social Democratic Party. He was also a founder of this party and was leading as a central part of a backbone. Kabir Stori was born in a village in Kunar province on 6 April 1942. He was Mirdakhel from the tribe, Yousafzai.

He got early education from a government elementary school in Khas Kunar. Later, he went to Kabul and joined Rahman Baba Lycee for further studies. He went to Germany for classes by the Government of Afghanistan on scholarship. He proved himself a good and talented student. He had a doctorate in natural sciences and was acknowledged with many subjects like philosophy, political science, sociology, and psychology.

Activities as a Politician

Kabir Stori was regarded as the most motivated and active politician of that time. In 1966, he was the chairman of a union named the Afghan Students Association in Frankfurt. He was also the chairman of another organization called the General Union of Afghan Students in 1972. In 1976, he also served in the National Liberation Union of Pashtuns and Balochs in Frankfurt. He contributed to promoting the Pashto language and worked as a commentator for Deutsche Welle in 1973. In Germany, Feb 1981, he was elected as a chairman of the Pashtoons Social Democratic Party (PSDP).

The Poetry of Kabir Stori

Kabir Stori was a patriotic poet by nature. With sensitive and elegant concepts about Afghanistan and its importance worldwide, he pictured it in a very suitable manner to convey his message to the young generation of the country and citizens. Whether they are living in the state or abroad, they always love their country through poetry. Poetry was written in the native language, Pashto, the most comfortable language among the people following his mottos.

He died on 4 April 2006 after suffering from a severe heart attack in Germany. He is buried in his home village, Khas Kunar. The government of Afghanistan gave honor to this respected personality on his 7th death anniversary and changed the name of the school by replacing it with his name “Dr. Kabir Stori Lycee.”

Pashto and Its Importance

Like Dari, Urdu and Arabic are supposed to be great languages among Muslim countries, especially Afghanistan. From the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan to the rest of the countries of the Asian continent, Pashto language and Pashtuns are available. This language is regarded as a symbol of love and running in families of Afghanistan as a heritage.

Role of Pohyal Stori

With the establishment of the modern era, people adopted many other languages. They replaced them with Urdu and English with Pashto. Pashto is not only a language for Pohyal Stori, but it’s like a precious heritage for him. He wants to retain it on his nation’s tongue so that they can distinguish themselves from other nations easily. Pashto love still exists in his family, so he doesn’t want to lose it at any cost.

Pohyal’s Contributions to Pashto

Similar to his father and grandfather, Pohyal is patriotic and has an infinite love for Pashto. He is a fan of Manzoor Pashteen, who is an excellent personality of South Waziristan. Manzoor is a member of Human Rights, and he is also trying to promote Pashto on a big platform. Pohyal follows and respects the motives of Manzoor Pashteen because they both have the same vision for their mother tongue. For this reason, Pohyal supports and loves him to encourage his loyalty towards this step.

Pohyal is the guy who introduces Pashto on Google, and he is a young kid who loves this language. He was born in Germany, and he started work in programming at the age of 9. He is such a great motivation for the German-Afghans and still plays a vital role in his field. Pohyal has recently launched software called “nandara.” It’s a sort of a Pashto translator for Pashtuns as well as for newcomers too. It is better than a regular Google translator. Further, he has established an open-source database and Pashto web fonts that can use other search engines like Bing or Google.

The principal objective to publish web font in any software is because it is an innovation that gives the facility to download a specific font file along with the website. It means that any browser which is supporting web fonts will have the same font. This software has a web font feature that makes it more convenient to use.

On the other, the establishment of an open-source database feature in any software gives much assistance. It has an open code, free to be downloaded, modified, and can easily be reused. This software has unlimited text translations, and the users can translate even the whole document in a few moments. It protects data to prevent leakage on other sites.

The ambitious contribution of Pohyal Stori is an excellent example for upcoming generations, and the world needs people like him that not only works for its nation but also makes his country proud across the globe.

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