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Constant Work And Good Publicity: Shaquille Hinkson’s Million Dollar Keys

Seeing, taking advantage of, and promoting business opportunities in areas where others may not see, is a quality that characterizes an entrepreneur. Taking risks to put their dreams into practice and constantly working to make them a reality is perhaps the key that has led many of these people to succeed. It has been precisely in perseverance and good publicity that Shaquille Hinkson has found the key to having businesses worth millions.

Shaquille or Shaq is a young man of 27, who with hard work has managed to become a business reference for many people. His success has mainly been based on following his objective, setting a goal for himself, and dedicating every effort and work to fulfill it progressively. A project that has taken more than 10 years but has given him, without a doubt, exceptional results.

Shaq started in the business world when he was 17 years old. However, before getting into that world, he already knew that his passion for vehicles would lead him to undertake great things. He started his own car wash at the age of 16.

What this dreamy little boy didn’t think at the time was that it would be the beginning of a road to greatness. A few years later, when thinking about how to grow in the world of cars, he noticed that the car detailing industry was in low demand in his area. So he began to venture into this area.

Nicks Professional Touch has been his biggest project. Nowadays, his son’s name represents his brand, the one that has become a successful company. However, like all beginnings, it was not easy.

The Importance Of Commitment To Your Business

An entrepreneur is his own boss, which means that the responsibilities are even greater. Shaq was aware of it from the very beginning. Therefore, he always works focused on the commitment to make his idea grow.

He knew he would not achieve anything overnight, but he did not waste a minute thinking about how much time it would take. He was thinking about what he could do to make more and more progress. Aware of this, he directed his efforts to advertise, as he recognized that this is where his business growth is focused.

That’s how he started the process so they could recognize his products and services. As part of his idea, he bought a truck, which he labeled with all the information about his enterprise. Services provided telephone numbers and thus began to have more customers.

The commitment to make his idea grow, and take it to other levels, was what motivated Shaq to take each step, each time with more certainty of being on the right track.

Cultivate Good Communication

Another of his strategies was to make business cards and spread them around various parking lots. However, he always maintained the belief that showing the results of his work would give him greater reach and recognition.

He was not wrong, he decided to venture into social networks from where he would have more chance to promote his brand. He opened an Instagram account, where he mainly showed his followers the before and after of the detailed vehicles, it ended up being very favorable for his business.

In addition, he invested in online advertising, which made him more popular. His number of customers increased considerably thanks to these elements and they have allowed him to still be in the ascendancy of his brand.

Distinguish With Efficiency And Quality

One detail, in which Shaq has always made sure to make a difference, is in the efficiency and quality of its products and services. An important memory was at age 11 when he was fired for providing dedicated service to each customer and not being faster for business purposes.

This anecdote allowed him to understand that for many others in his industry, efficiency, and quality are in the background. For him, this represents an elemental aspect, since it is what he will talk about in his work. And that is what he points out, it has earned him an extensive list of clients who trust his products and services.

At the present day, he has extended his brand with significant results. Nicks Professional Supplies is a store dedicated to the elaboration and commercialization of its line of products for the cleaning of vehicles and details of cars while Nicks Professional Education is a program aimed at training young aspiring entrepreneurs in the car detailing company.

Each of these undertakings has cost constant work, effort, and dedication. Nonetheless, he points out that they have been an opportunity to climb even higher towards his goal and grow as a person and as a recognized entrepreneur.

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