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Catching up with Mayor Kofi Aboussa

In an interview Saturday September 12th, 2020 Mayor Kofi Aboussa sat down to talk about his life as a young politician & businessman. The 19 year old is currently the Mayor of Frazier, Kentucky which is currently an unincorporated city in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Working with amazing Kentucky State Representative Jason Nemes the city is expected to now be incorporated by March 2021 after the General Assembly’s house & senate vote. Below are some of Mayor Kofi’s responses to questions regarding his business ventures, and how he’s able to balance the life of leadership, adulting, and still staying young!

Business Ventures

When asked how many businesses the Mayor has started and operated he answered “I wish i could tell you the exact number, but I operate a holding company. Some people know this as a parent company which owns multiple businesses under one company. I have one huge tree with branches growing everyday.” I took the time to ask the Mayor about his D&B report (Dun & Bradstreet) and how he was able to accomplish so much in one year at the age of 18 going on 19. Kofi answered, “I’m shocked that I was able to achieve as much as the report showed. Nevertheless, the report doesn’t tell the world that I’m rich, but rather that my companies are overflowing with abundance of wealth & growth.” Dun & Bradstreet is a credit report & finance institution that gives folks and lenders an overview of how much money a company has made, and what their history is. Frazier Management Group inc. which Aboussa started in 2019 has made over $300,000 in its first year. Kofi explains that the ventures he takes most pride in are his nonprofits. Aboussa started his first nonprofit in the 7th grade at the age of 14 when he first knew service would be his calling.


I took the time to dig a little deeper into his personal life while being a businessman and politician so we could get a better understanding of just how Kofi could still have a young soul in him. When asked what the majority of his friends are like Aboussa answered, “to be honest i think everyday I sit and wish for a new table of friends. I now have a good friend today named Wyatt Allison who like me is not your allstar college student and party hard child. We both chose a pathway of business, and we both ran for city council at such a young age because we see issues in our communities that we can solve. That’s all to say I’ve had friends who pretty much come to me and spend their day living off my bank account, and i really wish i had more friends like Wyatt rather than talk about spending or blowing our money, talk about saving & gaining more.” When asked “Do you regret any of your friendships?” Mayor Kofi answered, “no, ultimately everything I’ve been through with my friends, bad or good have contributed to the even stronger me I am today. I still like to have fun, party, and do what anyone would expect someone my age to do.”


Being 19, and successful we figured it was only right to ask the young business tycoon where his future first lady is, and is he hiding her. Kofi gave us a straight face and then a smile, and said “you know i think it’s funny you say that. To be very clear with the world I am hiding someone. I think it’s important that when you’re in a position like me and decide to chase after someone just like you do with the rest of your dreams that you take account for everything. I’ve always practiced a principle in business and success which is not telling anyone your plans or ideas until you roll them out. I feel the same way about the connection I have with this beautiful girl I’m talking to now. Honestly, I hope to see the day where I can show her off to the world as my first lady, queen, partner in crime, and more.” We asked Kofi how he manages time in his love and business ventures, and he told us “It’s not that hard. Sometimes I get worried because she’s 1900 plus miles away and sometimes I just want to be in her presence, holding her, talking to her, and doing things that we’d both enjoy.” Continuing to see if the Mayor had any actual plans moving forward with this connection we asked “What would it be like for you to lose her?” Mayor Kofi responded, “to start off I wouldn’t begin by being pessimistic about the situation or should i say blessings were in. We live miles away from each other, and I have plans of moving closer to her soon. Not having the physical aspect of things can be hard sometimes, but if we weren’t meant to be or if i couldn’t see us going anywhere I wouldn’t be wasting my time or hers. She was beautiful, intelligent, and instantly caught my attention the first time I saw her, which led to me being nervous to start off. Ultimately she makes my day, and everytime I get that message “I miss you too” Something about me instantly lights up and knows we’re going places.” When asked “What did you look for when finding a girl like her?” Aboussa responded, “I wasn’t looking for anyone, but somehow after failed relationships and taking the time to focus just on business, and finally reaching successful stages I took an opportunity that was before me. I honestly have a feeling that she was made for me and vice versa. People always say “you may not be perfect, but you are to me.” That’s how I feel. We argue, but in the end the word “us” always wins.

Were not official yet, but the world will have the greatest and strongest power couple the day we are. She has a passion for service in the way that I do, and I couldn’t imagine serving the world with anyone else by my side.”

For those who don’t know the young Mayor he’s an outgoing, and smart individual. He graduated from Seneca high school in Louisville, Kentucky as a four year class president, student ambassador for the school and district. He was surely called to serve others at a young age. Those that have read his books or follow him on social media know he remains consistent with his titles as a “Politician | Businessman | Minister | Author.” The Commonwealth cannot wait to see what the young Mayor Kofi Aboussa does and so can’t the business world of Los Angeles!

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