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Determination As the Key to Success: The Perspective of E-Commerce Icon Derek James

Working for purpose, even when obstacles and failures along the way make progress difficult, is what defines a successful person. In the case of the iconic entrepreneur Derek James, failure has not been alien to his reality; however, having the ability to overcome these stages and move forward in the pursuit of his goals is what has given him the most significant push in his career.

Derek is a leading e-commerce guru. In addition to being the founder and general director of multiple companies, he is a reference for leadership and motivation for different groups of people who aspire to enter the online selling environment. And that is because, from an early age, he was clear about the path he wanted to take.

With the opportunity to participate in different companies dedicated to sales after his university career, Derek realized that working for other corporations was not in his plans. The satisfaction of building a business from scratch, generating job opportunities, growing as an entrepreneur, and being successful, was what remained in his mind constantly, and that’s what he decided to work for the moment he saw the opportunity.

In his early days, he tried to launch about six online projects, however, none of them achieved the success Derek expected. While this represented a “failure” he did not consider under any circumstances giving up or abandoning his dreams. On the contrary, each of these experiences allowed him to strengthen his knowledge further, to continue on the path towards his goals.

Focus On Growth

Derek has managed to distinguish himself in and out of the e-commerce environment. He could overcome failures and know every aspect of the workings of online sales that has given him the greatest chance to stand out. Thanks to his extensive experience in the area, he has managed to generate over $175 million in online sales in less than three years.

When he started, he founded Magic Digital Media, a high-end consulting agency to large scale brands on Amazon. Standing out in the consulting process, helping companies to improve their management and in building multi-million dollar businesses online, Derek decided it was time to launch his own brands.

One of his most outstanding performances in the market has been with the creation of his virtual assistant company. VA Relief is a company dedicated to assigning virtual assistants to help businesses in optimizing their business management.

These assistants contribute to different tasks that can be easily delegated by managers, and that gives more space and focus on other essential areas of the company. For Derek, being focused on growth must be the priority of every business leader.

That’s why from the beginning, he kept focused on it despite the repeated failures that got in the way.

Success Doesn’t Come Overnight.

One lesson Derek repeatedly emphasizes is that success doesn’t come overnight. Much less is it a matter of luck. Success is an element of reward for your effort, for the sacrifices, dedication, and determination that you bring to achieving your goals.

That is why, once you have the opportunity to taste it, you will continue to advance and work for your purposes to grow even more.

Besides his success with VA Relief, with which his clients sales range from $50 thousand to $26 million dollars a month, Derek has taken entrepreneurs to other industries. EnerPlex is a brand that has reached up to $12 million per month in sales. While Mayfair Global Ventures Corporation is an investment company in which, together with its partner, they support startup technology companies. Their most recent seed round investment of $800k was to Gamelancer, a gaming startup that allows gamers to earn money as freelancers for hire.

Each one of these steps has led Derek to be an important icon within e-commerce. He has managed different brands in Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, Google, and Instagram, having resounding success.

His main goal is to continue positively impacting more businesses and cultivating the fruits of his success. Meanwhile, he works tirelessly for it.

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