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A pandemic is a pandemic – which one do you prefer?

Meeting a friend this weekend for her first outing since the outbreak of this pandemic began had me reflect a bit more than usual.  We wore masks, we were outside, socially distanced … and I could see that she was still stressed and yet, here we were. I was so grateful as I could feel the love and the trust from her and her family to all of us.
This experience brought a few things up – things that I have been observing, things that have been bubbling within …. The lessons we can learn from a pandemic.  This one and anyone.

First, the simple facts.  A pandemic is global. It spreads, usually quickly and quietly. You cannot see it coming until you are infected. Even if you prepare, you might catch it.  There seems no way to escape it, regardless of how you try to stay away, pulling away from all you know.  You may get sick from it and survive – you may not.  Acquaintances, friends, and loves one may become infected.  They may get really sick.  They may survive.  They may not. Once you have caught it or it begins to reside – it may just come back in a second wave.  Some of these pandemics linger forever so that we believe we need vaccines to control them.  Then we get vaccinated in hopes to become immune or at least experience less of an impact – even generations from now. Those are facts. 

Are you scared yet?

Interesting – you see, I am going to invite you to look at this in another light (after all I am a Revolutionary).  Join me as I invite you to look at this as not just a re-awakening as I have mentioned previously.  I invite you to look at this as a path to self-leadership and trust and, probably most important, I invite you open your mind to another way of dealing with current, or any pandemic: Surrender with love and trust.   I mean, we just agreed that we can’t really prepare for it, right?

Right now, the other epidemic that is spreading in some countries is: fear and anxiety.  This leads to aggression, hysteria, depression and more.  At the same time there is an epidemic spreading across other countries:  love – Love and care. 

The first seems to spread more easily – is more assertive in its approach, easier to grab a hold of people.  The second takes more time to take a hold of people.  Why?  Because of the collective conditioning based in competition that leaves little room to love one-another, leave alone love yourself because then you are egocentric, egotistical or narcissistic – even if you are not. 

Does that mean we have to accept the current, previous and future pandemics as part of that old conditioning or it this an opportunity for us to spread a different kind of epidemic, one that has actual healing power , the power to unite instead of divide?  It seems right now, the current pandemic is succeeding in the traditional strategy of “divide and conquer” and we can see how that is working out.   

What if, instead, we chose to focus on the other epidemic and make that a global force?  What if we all cared enough about ourselves and others with an innate understanding that we are all ONE?

What if we trusted ourselves and our respective beliefs enough to know we will get through this and then shared that from a point of love, care, integrity, and honesty?  Can you imagine the impact that might have?  Can you see that not being stopped at man-made borders, created by the old hierarchical paradigms? Can you see that spreading across the globe? 

The funny thing is, that I keep hearing people say “I hope the kids will be changing things”.  I cannot help and wonder: why?  Who are we waiting for?  Are we infected by the “wait and see” virus, too?  The kids, the youth, the adults willing to BE the change are here and they are the ones who know “we’ll get through this” and that this is a re-awakening.  Yet, as you know any epidemic and any pandemic needs to infect the majority of people, across age, gender, religion, sexual preference, and more to be considered such a force. 

What are you waiting for?  
If you are also waiting for others, those already alive or coming – are you loving yourself enough to know you deserve a good life?  Or are you unsure?  Are you unsure how to survive this?  Well, have you tried self-love? 

I know this may sound strange to you and yet, it’s all based on logic.  Think about and re-read if you need.  It’s all logic and those countries approaching this situation with love and care for another seem to be doing ok or better.  I’m not talking the “Love Train” in a funny or sarcastic way – it simply may be a way to do deal with something like that has proven to work and … we all have heard and probably seen what the Power of Love can do. 

I saw that power this weekend when my friend came out with her family even though she was scared.  She loves herself and her family enough to know it’s time.  She loves her and her family enough to know it’s crucial to see friends in safe way.  She loves and trusts us enough to be courageous enough to come out and face her fears.  We love her and her family enough to accept and respect her fears and keep her safe.

That is the power of love.  Now, see that becoming a pandemic.  What would that mean to you? Would you take your mask of and breathe it in?

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