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Interview with author Rosalyn Kahn

What inspired you to start your current business?

I always knew I wanted to be my own boss. I didn’t want to answer to anyone else and do it my way. If I look back on life’s mistakes it was doing things that I knew wasn’t the right way and trying to prove my way back. Why fight the system when you can create your own.  It is better to learn from mistakes and move forward. Thus, you are the only one to blame for what does or doesn’t happen. Speaking in front of other has been a part of me as long as I can remember and helping others is deeply ingrained.

What is the story that inspired the name of the company?

My company name is a combination of who things I love and adore: Public Speaking and Coaching Others. Thus. the name of my company is Coaching and Professional Speaking: How to Master Your Message with Passion and Purpose.

Passion is the key to success and once you find it the rest follows.  Interestingly, my full name is Rosalyn Ann Kahn. My first book was Random Acts of Kindness. Rather Serendipitous wouldn’t your say.  My webpage is based on my name based on the training of Craig Duswalt, “Rock your Life” stated make your business your name and that way there is no confusion. It is

I was named after Rosalyn Russell. A famous beautiful actress. I too have my own external beauty and many say that my speaking and auditory skills could easily fit in the that of an actor. Thus, to keep life simple why change the formula and so I named the company after myself.

On an interesting note my grandfather was an activist back in Russia and I think my life has followed him in some of my pursuits in Arts for Peace and becoming the Part Time Advocate of the Year in 2007 receiving the Margaret Quan award.

How has being an entrepreneur affected your life?

Being an entrepreneur is similar to a juggler. You also have to several balls in the air at the same time . They say true success is doing the work and then having a kind heart. Over the last 20 years my primary occupation has been a part-time teacher. Seeing as teaching wasn’t my only interest, I also got involved in the TEDx arena and gave three talks in that stage. I also have given several hundreds of talks to private and public groups. Two highlights were doing a book signing in Italy not far from the famous stair case and returning to my high school to give a talk to days students. I have done a lot of coaching with many speakers and as the business slowed down, I entered an online business as a means to earn money outside of teaching and earn revenue to help veterans with their animals. Most successful entrepreneurs have 7 streams of income. 

What motivates you?

Every day is a new day. Once a person sets their mind to achieve whatever their hearts desire. I love to inspire and influence people to live a happier and healthier life. I strive to leave each person I encounter feeling better after we have met. There are many people who have reached out to help me and if I can do the same it makes me feel good.

One important person who helped me was my life coach who I Iater introduced to TEDx and his talk was Daniel Tyler Pohnke to Tedx Mindful Musical Experience 2016. Daniel left us quite young, but profoundly impacted me to find that eternal peace and share that with others.

How do you generate new ideas? I like to wake up early and spend the morning alone. I like to begin with meditation and this is following by reading and writing. If I go outside and spend time with nature, I can clear my head by appreciating natures beauty which calms my mind and clears the pathway. I also have found during this pandemic that cooking also clears the soul. It takes away the distraction and helps bring closure and clarity.

What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage fear? I get easily distracted and can easily get lost in following natures beauty that sometimes I wonder whether it is helping or hurting myself. I am also very hard on myself.  Learned that whatever is missed today can picked up tomorrow. Go with the flow and everything will happen at the right place at the right time.

What are your ideals? Truth honesty, hard work, compassion and kindness. Do unto others as you would want them to do you. If you can learn to control your mind so things are neither good or bad. It reduces the drama. I strong belief in the power of meditation through Vipassana

How do you define success?

Knowing that you did the best you could. Living without comparison you are proud of what you have. To be able to buy the things I desire, travel to the places I want to go eat the food without a concern for the price. Living in clean organized home with healthy food and nice clothes. Having enough money to live a comfort life without worry and having enough money to help others and leave money behind to help low income children attain an education and to create a foundation working with veterans and rescue dogs. I would like to travel to each continent in the world.

Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur?

There are systems that once must follow. Being a success is doing what you want to do, even when you don’t feel like doing. Taking stock and improving on what’s been done. Setting a goal, defining the steps to achieve it and  reading and writing each day.

What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur? Owning my own time. Being able to take time to smell the flowers, take beautiful photos of flowers, take vacations, and change people’s life in my business giving the time or resources to follow their dreams. I also helped an artist Doron Gazit: Sculpting the Wind of Change 2017 3.7 million views. In my current business as independent business owner, I help feed over 2 million children, with Project Feeding Kids with North American Food Bank.

What has been your most satisfying moment in business? It is seeing the people I have coached deliver their talks on TEDx STAGE. One of the first people I coached for TEDx is Eliana Gilad an extremely talented musician, songwriter, performer and healer.  Her first talk was incredible in Your Voice, Make it Heard TEDx 2013 Vail Women seen by 8.1 million. 4 years later she called and said, I have another talk and my coach does not have the time. I helped her on her 2nd talk and flew up to attend the TEDx San Juan Island 2017.  Her speech was titled, “Trust Your Silent Voice: Find your Power”. It currently has over 1,277 views.

What do you wish this company to accomplish within the next year?

I am going to publish 3 books:

Food Flowers and Furry Friends: How I Survived the 2020 Pandemic.

Based on daily Fb post which are currently at 135 Days

Mentoring Tomorrow’s Leader Lessons from Covids- based on 25 interviews

Start Radio Show this summer:  Dr and the Professor

Becoming Regional Director in my independent business

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