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Stop Using These Words and Change Your Life Today – The Journey-Centered Life

We all are aware that words have power. We’ve explored the power of words in several Journey-Centered Life articles here on the Tribune, and it’s not a new idea in general. 

There is a certain type of word that is not often talked about: fizzle words. Awareness around this group of words, and the subconscious message they contain, that you need to know about that will change your life.

Are fizzle words causing a fizzle life?

What is a fizzle word?

Any word that comes before a power word or phrase that diminishes the power of that word or phrase. 

For example, take note at how different these three sentences feel: 

I’m trying to be more organized.


I’m getting better at being more organized..

Or even

I am doing my best to remember names.

 “Trying” is the fizzle. Do you see how it sucks the power out of the effort to be better at organization? It gives the speaker an out, because trying isn’t doing. It reflects that the speaker may succeed, but also, they may not. It leaves wiggle room.

What are some other fizzle words?

I’m working on being more organized.

I want to be better organized.

Here’s a tricky one:

I am going to be more organized.

“Going to” sounds good. It conveys a sense of action, but it also puts the action in the future. It pushes it off, procrastinates it. If it’s a change you value and really want in your now reality, speak it into the now

I am getting better at being more organized. How does that statement feel? Stronger? It makes the desired outcome more real, doesn’t it? And it holds you accountable for making it true. 

Look Inward

Now that you’re aware, decide to bring awareness to your own words. Commit to listening to yourself talk for the next few days. What fizzle words can you catch? What statements are they attached to, what do they reflect in your level of personal responsibility in the subject they’re attached to? Take note and reframe your statement. 

Better yet, team up with a friend or coworker to catch each other. Make sure it’s someone you like! This can get annoying, especially in the beginning. Just ask my friend, Sandy. (Love you, Sandy!)

Ready to up-level big time?

Combine what you now know about fizzle words with what you learned in this article about your I AM superpower and in this article about your inner dialogue and watch your world change powerfully!

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