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How To Turn Obstacles Into Teachings and Move Towards Success: The Korab Kozgori Story

On many occasions, an obstacle is seen as a limitation or a failure. However, the reality is that failure in any aspect of life represents a necessary experience, from which, if handled properly, it is possible to draw excellent learning to move towards success.

This is part of the philosophy of Korab Kozgori a businessman, financier by profession who has dedicated much of his life to transforming obstacles into teachings. This has led him not only to be a successful person professionally and personally. It has also allowed him to influence other people’s lives by guiding them on their path to financial growth.

He was born in Yugoslavia, where he spent his childhood and most of his adolescence. However, at the age of 17, he decided that he had to live another experience to grow up. Therefore, he decided to go to school in the United States, with his mind focused on being the pride of his family.

During his last years of college, he had the opportunity to undertake a project that would give him great results. A clothing brand, which for eight years was very successful. The reputation of his work made an important European company interested in the brand and made him a generous offer that Korab could not refuse.

After this step, he decided to move to Peru where he would live with his wife the retirement process. Which was interrupted by his spirit of leadership and growth that pushed him to continue his path in search of bigger projects.

Don’t Stop Looking Forward

To think that on this road to success there were no setbacks, or that obstacles were not part of Korab’s life is a mistake. However, since he was very young he understood that an obstacle is not a negative aspect, but learning that allows you to acquire more knowledge on the way to your goal.

Korab points out that being afraid of the future is part of what will drive you to achieve your goals even with obstacles in your path. “I am afraid of missing the opportunity to know myself, to know how I have progressed, I am afraid of not knowing my achievements or the goals I am about to achieve. I am afraid of not knowing the man who is better than I am today, that is why I never stop looking ahead”.

Raising your head and looking foward is a great way to face the fear of failure and to be prepared for the experience.

This was partly what motivated Korab to decide to move to Colombia and get into the financial environment, being part of the founding team of Delta, a company dedicated to marketing networks.

“Each one of these teachings has helped me build my path, to look back with pride, knowing that I have always had the strength to follow”.

Keep Believing to Keep Growing

For Korab to believe in yourself, in your abilities, your goals, and the possibilities to achieve them is essential. This man assures that the more strength and confidence a person has in himself, the more possibilities he will have to achieve all the things he sets out to do. For he assures, that confidence is the greatest motivation that can exist in any field.

He emphasizes that, in this part, obstacles will be the impetus you need to move forward. Because each one of them will be part of the experiences that will enrich your knowledge. And, in the end, growth starts with knowledge.

For him, obstacles leave teachings that, when applied in life, will allow you to make the right decisions and continue to advance your purposes in the right way. That is why he points out these “negative” episodes as a necessary process that people must go through to achieve success.

Today Karim is in one of the most prominent ranks in the Delta industry, Chairman 25. Thanks to his development and performance he has had the opportunity to impact the lives of many people who follow him today. He has a team of thousands of people who have managed to transform their lives and achieve financial freedom.     

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