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Constantly Challenge Yourself: How Determination and Perseverance Led Joseph Samuel Song to Business Success

Daring to start a business requires mainly courage. Getting out of the comfort zone, leaving behind insecurities and challenging barriers that can be intimidating, are some of the most common steps for those who decide to become builders of their own dreams. Some even go so far as to challenge the will of their family and take a leap of faith to the path that is safe for them. This is precisely the case of the young entrepreneur Joseph Samuel Song.

At the age of 17, still in high school, Joseph took a special interest in those young people who told through YouTube about their experience as entrepreneurs and the success they had achieved thanks to their decision to risk working for their dream. Motivation flooded in. And as a curious young man, aware of the digital environment, he decided to start opening up a field on the Internet with his project.

However, it was easier said than done, because Joseph came from an Asian family rooted in their principles and customs, he had to challenge the will of his parents. They were counting on their son to finish high school and go on to college until he became a professional lawyer, a renowned doctor, or the best engineer in his field.

“I chose this path because college, getting a job, Route 9-5 never appealed to me. I always wanted to be my own boss and have the freedom to do what I wanted at any time. So I knew this was the route I had to take to get there.”

Telling his parents that he would finish high school to pursue his own projects proved to be a real challenge, especially since the alarming news plunged everyone into constant discussions and conversations aimed at changing Joseph’s perspective. However, it was all in vain.

Convinced of what his projects were and what he wanted to do to achieve them, Joseph decided to show his parents with facts what for him would be not only a job but also a lifestyle.

Let the Results Speak for Themselves

Instead of falling into the plan of discussions and conversations with their parents. This young man, only 17 years old, acted with great maturity and with the mentality of a visionary. Letting the results show his way was the best option and the most appropriate decision because when he saw that he could do it, his parents were also convinced about it.

Putting your head down and getting results. This was the path Joseph decided to take to convince his parents. Demonstrating his skills and that he knew what he was doing with such certainty allowed him to move even more confidently towards his success.

Rethinking the Game Plan

Along the way, his parents’ refusal at first was not the only barrier this young man had to overcome. Although at 19 years old he is a successful entrepreneur who has taken advantage of the YouTube platform and automation processes to make a business that allows him to obtain 6 figures of monthly income, the difficult moments have not been alien to his process.

In light of this, Joseph says that his best technique has been to take a step back, meditate and rethink his game plan. He points out that throughout his career things have not always gone as he expected, however, this was no reason to stop his progress or think he was not on the right track.

On the contrary, he considers that each experience along the way has allowed him to obtain valuable learning.

Joseph Samuel Song’s Business

How a 19-year-old can achieve so much success is a question that perhaps many ask themselves when they meet Joseph. However, it is not only about skill, but also about determination and above all, vision.

This entrepreneur saw an opportunity and decided to work toward it. He started by uploading videos to Shopify, but when he saw how lucrative YouTube was he tipped more towards that side of the balance. The processes of automation, studying strategies to gain traction, building a team, and analyzing each movement are techniques that have given him great results.

Today, not only does he manage 15 cash cow channels, but he also manages more than 100 channels from various clients around the world. He teaches others how to monetize their channels, obtaining passive income. And, as if that weren’t enough, he guides those who want to start a business using YouTube.

His desire to grow on this platform and as an entrepreneur is growing. This has allowed him to lead a more comfortable life, being his own boss, and achieving financial freedom at a young age.

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