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The Role of Parents in The Fight Against Bullying: Sarah Nicole’s Inspiring Story

Bullying is a problem that involves many people, you must always see the origin and its causes. But we usually focus on the victim and the abuser, and we don’t see the importance of the parents in both cases. That is why today we have a story where the role of a mother has been of vital importance in overcoming bullying.

Nicole is a beautiful young woman who has suffered from bullying in recent years. This has caused her problems like depression, and even an attempt on her life. Thanks to her mother, this young woman has managed to get by, and although she still has to deal with some problems, she feels stronger than ever. The role of her mother is fundamental in her recovery.

Together they have created an initiative to fight bullying and youth suicide. They design T-shirts and sell these original designs on Amazon. They are getting more and more support and this helps Nicole’s confidence to return little by little. Being able to talk and find support from her mother has made a big difference to Nicole.

Cases of bullying have tripled in recent years. Something is not being done right and a radical change is needed to reverse the situation. This is the opinion of Nicole’s mother, who hopes to be able to reach more people and have the support of institutions in this fight that has begun with her daughter.

The Root of The Problem

As we said, the role of parents is fundamental, since the root of this problem is in values, and values are taught from home. Parents are losing more and more power in front of their children and this has unleashed an increase in bullies. Also, teachers in classrooms have seen the loss of their authority.

Moving from the loss of values to the use of technology as a major cause of the new bullying. Young people live glued to their cell phones and many parents are unaware of what is going on there. Bullying is worse now, as children and young people fall prey to bullying 24 hours a day. Being this reason part of the root of the problem, we could identify it as a lack of supervision in social media.

This is what has led Nicole and her mother in this crusade against bullying. Both of them understand perfectly how this affects each part. On the one hand, we have the victim, who loses self-confidence and is taken over by a depression that can lead to fatal decisions.

On the other hand, there is the mother who, aware that something in her daughter has changed, decides to act. She feels her daughter’s pain and begins the process of communication, which is crucial in these cases. Knowing how to assume the role of a parent can make a difference and knowing how to talk to your child from a young age is something you should cultivate.

The Bullying Must Stop

Involved parents can cope with bullying with their children. Nicole and her mother prove this to us. For them, selling T-shirts online is only the first step on this road to awareness. It’s about involving the whole society in a universal order to stop bullying.

To be able to talk about the subject is the first thing. We know that victims are afraid to go public because they feel they will not be understood. But that is where the role of parents comes in. It is up to them to make them feel confident and to address the issue. You must listen and at no time judge or doubt what your child is saying.

Nor is it a matter of taking justice into your own hands, far from it. What you should do is raise awareness of the victims and the bullies. That’s why campaigns like Sarah Nicole are so welcome and need our full support to succeed.

It is everyone’s task to continue fighting against this phenomenon that continues to take the lives of innocent people. Supporting causes and being active in their dissemination is a big step. It is also fundamental to take care of our children and see that they are educated with the best values from home. Together we will defeat bullying.

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