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Genocide Survivor Given Second Chance as Successful Nature Photographer

Niki Colemont has been featured on multiple TV networks and other media outlets.

Diepenbeek, Limburg – Genocide survivor, Niki Colemont, is pleased to announce he has been given a second chance at life as a successful nature photographer.Niki Colemont is a Belgian nature photographer whose current work focuses on playful photos of squirrels. He’s previously been featured in the Flemish television network VTM, the Belgian-Dutch newspaper HLN, and the French channel BFMTV, among others. Additionally, Niki was also a National Geographic 2019 finalist.

Before turning to nature photography, however Niki experienced more than his fair share of tragedy. The photographer was born in Rwanda in 1986, just a few years before the genocide. Niki’s mother died during childbirth, leaving him with just his father and sister. When the Rwandan Genocide and war began in 1990, 4-year-old Niki and his sister fled to Belgium as refugees, while their father stayed behind to fight. Sadly, his dad died in the war, leaving Niki and his sibling as orphans. In 2019, his sister also passed away, aged just 38.

With no formal education, Niki had to learn everything through trial and error. Luckily, the beauty of nature and a love of his Nikon camera have helped Niki heal from his past and find meaning in life. They’ve also given him something to focus on during times of uncertainty and lockdown. Niki has now begun to gain traction on social media, making him more motivated than ever to continue honing his craft.

Currently, Niki takes photos of squirrels in his back garden in creative and entertaining poses. Some of his images feature the animals jumping in mid-air, with nuts in their mouths or playing with a plastic dinosaur toy. The pictures have brought joy to many, helping Niki gain more than 5,000 followers on Instagram and coverage in national and international media.

“With all the things that have happened in my life, I was still able to enjoy my hobby,” says Niki. “Luckily, my girlfriend and her parents believed in me from the start and gave me the freedom I needed to pursue what I love.”

For more information about Niki Colemont, or to view his incredible photographs, please visit his Instagram page.

About Niki Colemont

Before discovering photography, Niki Colemont arrived in Belgium as a child refugee, fleeing from the Rwandan genocide. Niki pursues his love of photography as a way to inspire others through perseverance, while enjoying nature at the same time.

Contact Information

Niki Colemont

+32 487027406
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