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Interview with Brand Expert Ruben Alvarez

The world of marketing is cut-throat; some are out to bring results and are masters of their craft, while others come in with low prices and deliver sub-par work.
It can be hard to differentiate yourself in a world such as this. There has to be more to a business than slashing prices, which leads to driving up massive amounts of volume to stay afloat.
Ruben Alvarez, Founder and CEO of the Marketing Hunters, decided to stay ahead of the curve. There are far too many marketing, graphic design, ad creation, and lead-generation companies in today’s age. However, there is only one business who Hunts Down Your Rivals with superior brand creation. We interviewed Ruben to hear more about his style and expertise.

Q) What makes someone an excellent marketer/brand expert?
Time, empathy, and commitment. In most cases, people are only committed to themselves to make income when starting a business, which is bad news for the customer. Time will give you experience, empathy will allow you to feel the pain points of the customer which need to be fixed and commitment will make sure you stick with your customer, even when times get rough.

Q) What is Brand?
Brand is every single one of the efforts you have made to manipulate your identity to your ideal perception of you. There is nothing wrong with controlling how people see you or your business. If you do not control it, then you allow others to control how they perceive you. Putting out an ad claiming you are number 1 does not make it true. Your brand is more than ads and words.

Q) What is the number one reason the Brand of a business is failing to see results?
Business owners and those developing a person brand fail to realize that your brand is not about you. You like certain things but fail to adapt those things to what the market would receive easier. Businesses put their names in huge logos because they see others do it. Maybe I’m the odd one out, but I would never wear another man’s name or something that made me look “goofy”. I have seen bad shirts, hats, and slogans with horrible taglines. Stop thinking about you. Think about your customer and empower them with the Brand you have created.

Q) What is a quote you live by that helps you create people’s identities?
“If you want to be the market leader, then act like it”.
Small minds produce small results. Market leaders are not stingy with their customers. They offer no questions asked warranties, they produce Nike hats for customers and throw appreciation events like there is no tomorrow. When the time comes for a small company to do the same, they turn the other way and prefer to pocket the profit. Money in your pocket cannot help you expand in the market place.

Q) What is the one item business can change today to expand their Brand presence?
Make shirts, hats, and giveaway materials. People recommend other products and talk about people 80% of the time in person. If they are wearing your shirt or hat, they will talk about you. If you make them a backpack and they take it with them, they will remember you. Wait! I need to advise you, do not make cheap, inexpensive promotional materials. You are better off not making anything. I will never wear a cheap $2 hat, but if someone gave me a Nike hat, regardless of who it was, I might wear it. Better to make a small amount that people will use, then a large amount that goes in the trash.

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