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Growing Your Business: The Experience of Young Billionaire Keenan Williams

Starting a business can be challenging, but it is only the beginning of a road of challenges that must be faced to achieve growth and success. Keenan Williams, a 29-year-old entrepreneur, has extensive experience in this regard. Although his journey has been one of great success, there have been many difficulties along the way. It has been the combination of skills, effort, and determination that has guided the journey of this entrepreneur’s life.

A difficult path in his personal life is one of the aspects that have characterized Keenan’s growth. Since he was young, he had to leave his studies to take care of his family’s economic contribution. As soon as he got out into the world of work, he was convinced that he would embark on his path. However, he would wait for the right moment to do so.

While that time was coming, he had the opportunity to experience different employment options, usually in the sales world. That’s where he got his experience in this area, from which he learned more and more.

His most recent job was in affiliate marketing for a company that made skincare products, where he served as marketing coordinator. It is here that he gained even more knowledge about the online marketing process.

However, the difficulties did not stop coming, both personally and at work. Keenan’s mother suffered a stroke and, after this hard blow, the owners of the company she worked for went on vacation without paying three months’ salary.

These two events were enough for Keenan to decide to embark on his business path. Offering better quality of life to his family and not depending on anyone else for work were his two main motivations and he has not stopped searching for his goals since then.

Hunger to Achieve Goals

Although full of challenges, doubts in himself as a result of the difficult times he was going through, this young entrepreneur did not stop. On the contrary, his main purpose became research.

Knowing how the digital environment worked and the power of social networks Keenan set out on his journey. Skincare was an area he had little experience with, but digging deeper allowed him to know where to aim.

Twice as much work and twice as much research went into it in the early days. However, the more he knew about it, the more he wanted to move forward, and even more because he knew he was going in the right direction.

It is precisely this aspect that Keenan considers to be elementary in starting a business. Knowing the path you want to take, getting the right tools: knowledge and skills. In this way, he ensures that you will become unstoppable.

Make and Execute a Plan

Keenan stresses that, in addition to knowledge, maintaining a plan, and executing it is elementary. It’s not excessive thinking, but a tactical plan, with which you can cover a lot of the things you plan to do. In this way, the organization will facilitate many aspects of the growth of the company.

The creation of Ko Elixir was one of the greatest achievements of this young man. With only 6 months in the market, the company dedicated to the commercialization of skincare products had a turnover of 1 million dollars. One year later, the revenue exceeded 2.5 million.

Trust Your Instincts

The department where he lived was the first stage where Ko Elixir developed, and shortly afterward he managed to have a large warehouse from which he distributed to all his customers. This process was not easy in the beginning, because Keenan, although he had the support of family and friends, in whom he tested his products, was not convinced of it, nor his decisions.

However, over time, without losing conviction, motivation, or giving up every day of work, he began to see the results, reflected in numbers and positive feedback. His company was a great success. To this day, it still is.

Nowadays, besides maintaining his dedication at Ko Elixir, Keenan has decided to share many of his success stories to inspire and motivate others to start and grow their own business.

That’s why he has created the Seven Figures program, a kind of class where he provides tools to others who want to take the first step as entrepreneurs and gain their financial freedom. His social networks are increasingly popular and from each of the platforms, he shares different motivational content to guide others on the path to their goals.

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