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Stevieknocks Talks working with Grammy Award winning Singer Songwriter Andre Merritt

1 ) What is your name and where are you from

My Name is Stevieknocks, I’m a Music Producer from Compton California

2) What inspired you to become a producer

As a kid I was always inspired by Dr Dre , Quincy Jones , and Scott Storch , I loved the fact that they created their own sound

3) Have you collaborated with any producers recently ?

Yes I have collaborated with Producer Xeryus Gittens who has produced for August Alsina , Future , Chris brown and so many more

I have collaborated with Another Dope Producer Beazie Beats and so many more , collaborating with other talented producers is definitely fun because they have their own styles .

4) Do you remember your first rhyme ?

Yes I was 12 years old when me and my cousin started writing raps at my grandpa house in Pasadena , I can honestly say I did Terrible.

5) What is the best advice you have ever received?

The best advice I have ever received was to focus on my craft every day , to network and to be myself

I attended Diddy Revolt Music Conference a few years back and I can say that advice really helped me

6) How has it been working with new artist such as Christian Royce ?

I was actually introduced to Christian Royce by Darlene Deluna , he came to the studio I played a few beats and he went right into the booth , he’s extremely talented , his entire style is crazy he’s easy to work with. He’s definitely one of the hottest artist to watch out for. The next session I brought in Beazie Beats who is another dope producer and we really kicked things up a notch .

7) How long have you been working with Andre Merritt ?

We only worked on one song together which was for another dope artist name Sasha Krut , It was a great experience working with Andre Merritt , I got a change to really see his creative process.

8) What is the latest project you have worked on ?

Latest release was a single I Produced called City Girls with a Dope Artist Name Billyracxx from Houston

9) What Surprising lesson have you learned along the way ?

I’ve learned that people don’t respect or care for loyalty in this business, they will cross you over money or someone , you could go to mars and back for someone and that person wouldn’t even care !

10) What do you like about artists in general?

Depends on the Artist , but I don’t like artists being late for studio sessions that I’m paying for out of my pocket .

11) How often are you in the studio and what’s your process ?

I’m in the studio about 3-4 times a week , although I make some of the best beats at home , I normally like to go to the studio when we record

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