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Mangosteen LLC makes a big entrance in the mobile gaming market.

Mangosteen LLC, a Los Angeles, California based gaming company has made a big entrance into the mobile gaming scene, amidst the global COVID-19 crisis.

In 2020, the mobile gaming industry is worth $77.2 billion. Mangosteen LLC founder, Shanks Rajendran, had a one-year plan to create a series of mobile games with an expected release date of January 2020. During his launching phase, he made the executive decision to not allow the growing epidemic to derail his gaming debut but instead thought that it would present opportunity. Since its launch, the company has experienced major success, becoming one of the fastest-growing mobile gaming companies on the Google Play Store.

What kind of mobile games does Mangosteen LLC make?

Mangosteen LLC focuses on simple but high-quality poly-style games that are fast to download to your phone and focus on simple mechanics or movements users complete to get to the next level. The genre for these games is commonly referred to as Hyper-casual.

“Hyper-casual games have gotten a bad reputation over the years because of tricky and abusive spam-like techniques implemented by game developers, this has left a bad impression on users.

We are here to change that and the audiences who have downloaded our games have given us nothing but great feedback,” say’s Shanks Rajendran.

Mangosteen LLC has implemented a series of processes and procedures to understand audience behavior to improve its gaming development, this has been a key factor in the company’s success. Mangosteen LLC is constantly on the lookout for new trends and various forms of pop culture to mesh together into games that people worldwide can enjoy.

What’s next for Mangosteen LLC?

Mangosteen LLC had a goal to hit 1-million downloads by the end of 2020 but the company projects that it’ll happen much sooner.

“It’s a dream come true! Due to the Coronavirus, we have seen huge download increases in countries like India, United Kingdom, Australia, Russia, and many other countries that we would never consider targeting.

Thanks to everybody out there that have downloaded our games – we have been able to really grow and reach our full potential, says Shanks Rajendran.”

Mangosteen LLC is expanding and working hard to continuously make high-quality games that dominate the gaming industry.

To download any of Mangosteen LLC’s mobile games visit

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