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Savas Mounjid turns his novel The Broken Lift into a TV series

The Moroccan writer and author Savas Mounjid, who lives in Dubai, has reached an agreement with an international Dutch production company to convert his book The Broken Lift into a TV series.

Its episodes will be filmed in the United States of America, France and Italy, and it is expected to last for one season consisting of ten episodes.

It is noteworthy that the novel The Broken Lift achieved record sales in the first two weeks of its publication, which enabled it to top the bestseller in the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Canada, Kuwait, Nigeria, India, and the Philippines.

The Broken Lift is a story of a young man “Lucca” who was not the average boy next door. As a bespectacled recluse, his greatest pet peeve was fun and friendships. As an ambitious nerd, his greatest fear was being unchallenged.

It was the perfect concoction for pursuing a path in the dark world of hacking, a pursuit fuelled by the need for money and the greed for power.

Until one fated day and one small misstep showed him how deep he’d gotten in, and how deadly the underworld was. With the love of his life now by his side, the stakes were manifold.

So, he fled the darkness with her. Crossed continents. Buried pasts. Started afresh.

Only for his buried past to resurrect seven years later, in a form that was darker and deadlier than before.

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