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Ravoshia Celebrates As She’s Pronounced The Next To Blow In The Music Biz

Recently, the recording artist Ravoshia pronounced (Raa-vash-shia) was proclaimed by one of the biggest in the music business “Hip Hop Weekly” as the Next To Blow. She is attaining a mass of success even during the world’s global pandemic Covid 19 with her music project Fashion Killa. With millions of listeners on radios universally hearing the singer’s record, she has developed into a known figure within the music realm.

Fashion Killa’s video is going viral and has been watched over 158,000 times. Many are eager to hear the next single she will release called Mastermind coming in the fall. It will detail the artist’s “Mannequin Performance Style 101”, which is sparking interest because of its different and risky nature. She calls it RMPS101 for short and it is a creative performance project, designed by the artist.

Ravoshia is located here in Los Angeles, nevertheless, she was raised in Texas and the British-Carribean island Bermuda at different times. Growing up, being a multidimensional styled dancer for most of her early life, she later transitioned into music. As a matter of fact, the rising singer has been around for years. The fascinating thing is that now in 2020, her music is being highly acknowledged, despite all the odds of what’s happening in the world. Then again, the music industry isn’t just going to stop its motion forward, it will still break in new talent.

I had a chance to speak with the artist and she said;

I am enjoying all the success and even though there isn’t much to do to celebrate, due to restrictions and safety concerns. I do appreciate this significant moment in my career.”

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