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How do you heal over 1/3 of a billion people?

The human body, will and intellect is beyond profound in many ways. Holistically speaking mind, body, soul and spirit shares Dr. David Render. He brings such a dynamic impressive impact verbally a very powerful display on network TV toward bringing chaos into form structure and pioneering path on his television program ‘4Healing’ in America.  

Where does the bounds of healing stop in people? 

Once the heart is open and ready is the first step, which is almost never easy. The people are in deep turmoil of depression, anxiety, hopelessness, and emotional deficiency in so many ways, not to mention traumas that occur in society.  The realm of wholeness and going after your best life with everything you got. Dr. David Render shares, educates, and sits with other respected professionals in various disciplines of private practice such as Psychotherapists, Medical Doctors and Dance Movement Healing Arts Practitioners.  According to U.S Census Bureau data, the U.S has 3.28 million people in America’s population. Dr. David states, “Healing sessions are extremely powerful. 4Healing is a dimension in itself of a TV program of holistic practice of illness prevention and total higher lifestyle. The various modalities of healing for the people is necessary for freedom on many levels especially during this pandemic COVID-19. 

Are you open to abroad countries of the world?

International Social Healing on a much larger global presence it is time after years of research and real world experience this can be brought forward with more viable direction points to accomplish. Africa, India have over 1 billion in population and the terrible blast that happened in Beirut explosion a new unveiling of light needs to come forward on humanity.

What was The West Coast like for you to case study and televise healing, why California? Why Los Angeles?It was like a war zone and mass triage is needed. Others are running around with a syringe with who knows what in it. The conditions, atmosphere, and timing have to be right and therapy intervention is key. The pandemic COVID-19 came. Hearts and minds faded in ways unimaginable, job losses in the millions. Economic depression and civil unrest costing billions of dollars. To process pain and to 1st hand witness the harassment, anger, and anguish coming from a broken people in America now understanding Los Angeles in a heightened mindset to sit with the next elevated position of sessions in the region of California is beyond needed. To facilitate now various healing prescriptions of alternative therapies this in a major way is groundbreaking. To put it simply, the people are seeking answers and relief, wholeness is needed. There is an answer and like on people have never seen. Sometimes various ways to get medicine to people can be intradermal, intramuscular and subcutaneous with alternative therapies of conversation or other mind- body therapy exercises.  You can hear more from Dr. David Render TV show ‘4Healing’ on social media and

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