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Interview with Small Business of the Year Award Winner Mike Cyrus

Official Photo of Mike Cyrus, CEO of Select Auto OC & Business Award Recipient

Today we had the pleasure of interviewing Mike Cyrus, Founder and CEO of Select Auto OC the recipient of the 2020 Los Angeles Tribune Small Business Awards Winner. Mike ,who lives in Orange County, California was selected among a pool of submissions from the Southern California business community.

Select Auto OC has generated a reputation for being able to provide quality Automobiles for wholesale prices directly to consumers. Mike’s hands on approach and focus on minimizing overhead is what allows this to be possible. He is the quintessential Small Business Owner and thus the apropo recipient of this esteemed award.

What Motivated You To Start Select Auto OC?

Shortly after the financial crisis of 08 when many Americans had to deal with foreclosures and repos I knew that I wanted to be a solution to this problem. I decided I wanted to allow Americans to purchase a car without having to worry about living above their means and having a big payment to make each and every month that was out of the budget. With this simple philosophy in mind myself and a small team launched Select Auto, as of today’s date we are proud to say we have impacted thousands of people and helped countless families receive the car of their dreams at a price they never imagined possible.

As a Small Business owner and Leader in Orange County what has the community been going through during the pandemic?

It has been the most challenging year for the local business community in our lifetimes. We are fully committed to helping the people of Orange County as much as possible. Recently, Select Auto OC was the primary sponsor of a mask giveaway program conducted in part by the Los Angeles Tribune along with other finalists of the Business Awards. It was a pleasure for me and my team to go out to the people and make sure that the community was practicing safety first.

Select Auto OC has become a local staple in the Automotive community primarily because of customer service and prices. In an industry that has had challenging reputations how have you been able to consistantly rank amongst the best locally?

This is perhaps the one distinction I always make to other business owners: Stay Hands On. Although I could very easily expand and delegate I refuse to do so. After all these years many people are surprised to find out I still put in as many hours as day one and still have direct communication with almost every customer. Although this means we can only help a smaller fraction of people that I wish we could it also guarantees that the quality of the Select Auto brand will never be compromised as every single customer is treated like family and the price is always the best in town.

Image may contain: 2 people, car
A Happy Mother and Son purchasing a Truck at at Select Auto in Costa Mesa, California

We know you are a very busy man thank you so much for your time, what final words do you have for upcoming Entrepreneurs and the local community?

To upcoming Entrepreneurs there are two principles to share today: I would say focus on one thing and learn great people skills. All my career I have been laser focused on the task at hand as opposed to analysis paralysis or always on the something different. This has been a very rewarding quality. Secondly, having great people skills means being able to communicate but more importantly listen. Truly listen. Being able to read between the lines and have a “feel” for people is very important in business and in life.

Thank you so much for your time Mr.Cyrus Congratulations on the award.

My pleasure. Thank You


Mike has continued to earn a reputation as a community leader. To find out more about him or to purchase a vehicle from one of The Top 10 Independent Auto Dealers in California visit

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