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Indian Entrepreneur Platform Startup Fortune Adds Community Forum to Learn, Share and Collaborate

Startup Fortune, the startup news, PR and growth hacking platform founded by known branding specialist Mervik Haums announces their plan to add a community forum to its platform dedicated to aspiring entrepreneurs to learn, share and grow their digital marketing ventures.

Communication has always been one of the main tools of entrepreneurship. In the world of a free competitive market, successful business is simply impossible without constant interaction and collaboration that give new ideas, inspire, and move the business forward. In 2020 we can finally say that entrepreneurship has settled in the digital space and uses all its features for development, marketing, and cooperation. Moving online was quite a natural process for entrepreneurs worldwide, which has only been stimulated by the Lockdown.

This can be considered as a positive impact of COVID-19 for business, as in a matter of several months entrepreneurs and business forums conclude that online presence gives much more vivid opportunities for international cooperation, education, and development. This is especially important for the market of Startups – innovative companies that work on original solutions aimed to improve our lives. That is why Startup Fortune decided to create a forum for initiative entrepreneurs that see the potential of online communication for increasing business contacts and insights.

Fortunately, the dark times of monstrous corporations and industrial espionage are passing away. The new generation of entrepreneurs understands that communication and collaboration are the fundamental tools that help to build a successful business. Innovative startup companies need an open space free of outdated prejudice. Every original idea can always be strengthened and developed with the help of the collective mind.

Startups are leaving garages and warehouses, where they have been locked for decades and start to explore borderless spaces of the online world. Our digital era has provided us with limitless opportunities to study, communicate, and cooperate. While numerous social media help us build contacts and keep the track of the latest trends, topical forums remain the gravitational pull for like-minded people, where they may find the easiest solutions, share their ideas and receive competent feedback from colleagues.

Startup Fortune’s proposed community forum wouldn’t be just one more social media or a website overloaded with commercial leads. It is a community of like-minded startup entrepreneurs looking for inspiration, efficient collaboration, and an innovative approach to business and marketing.

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