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The Global Power of the Latin Millennial How Music and Art Can Transform Young Lives

Article Written By: Amanda Volpe

Al Tun Tun is a marketing agency based in Los Angeles that began in 2018. As a globalized, community geared platform, the agency is designed to unite Latin American artists and brands worldwide and connect talented youth who are actively involved in the arts. It is an advanced mobile outlet that allows young Latinos to explore their artistic interests. Through the collaboration of Al Tun Tun and its partner brands, a collective goal is achieved to integrate diverse backgrounds to connect, elevate and celebrate creative culture. Al Tun Tun stands as a curated platform that links fans of music, film, fashion, food, art, and design on a global scale.

The marketing agency has featured an official after party for J Balvin in Los Angeles for the conclusion of his world tour. Al Tun Tun has also collaborated with Soho House in Mexico City to organize an all-inclusive experience for its members. Special events are hosted at some of the most elite venues in West Hollywood such as The Peppermint Club, Poppy, and Bootsie Bellows. Al Tun Tun presents an array of unique platforms that boast excitingly modern gatherings. All events are hosted with the purpose of uniting people together through the gifts of art and style. Al Tun Tun is based on two foundational elements, diversity, and culture. Each event sparks an appealing highlight like a DJ, pop-up fashion, art displays, band performances, and restaurant launches. Additionally, Al Tun Tun offers a variety of event platforms such as Domingueando, Bamboleo, and Fest that provide a selection of exciting activities.

For Al Tun Tun, the focus is on the Latin millennial lifestyle by providing a creative outlet
for a generation of young and talented individuals. Al Tun Tun’s audience consists of
young actors, musicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, and trendsetters. The agency’s
influential contributions derive directly from Latin America and Spain with its motive to
reach Latin millennials living in the U.S. All events involve themed music and intriguing
activities. Engaging elements like alcohol tastings, live performances, party kits, and
media coverage are included. Al Tun Tun offers gathering opportunities for holidays and
events like New Year’s Eve, Cinco De Mayo, and the Super Bowl to acknowledge both
American and Latino cultures. The agency has welcomed a universal guest list inviting
some of music’s mega artists like Chris Brown and Juampa Zurita. Al Tun Tun has also
involved world renown actors and influencers such as Oscar Casas and Taylor Hill.

Alexandra Possenti, is the founder and creative director of Al Tun Tun. She works to
coordinate the business partnerships and marketing agendas of various brands across the United
States in addition to producing high-profile bespoke events for the company’s clients. Al
Tun Tun acts to illuminate the vibrancy of the Latin community to showcase its positive
influence and power. Possenti has curated and produced exhibitions in Tulum, Mexico
within the city’s first museum located in the Yucatan region and has also consulted for
Art Basel as the director of Culture Affairs for its events. In this role she was responsible
for making key recommendations to ensure the events were artistically authentic. She
has lived in ten different cities and six different countries. As a trilingual marketer, she
began producing events at a young age in Miami while she worked for a range of
worldwide brands such as Grey Goose, Chanel, Guess, and other major names in
music and fashion. Currently, she is in the process of producing a launch party to celebrate the
brand partnership between “FIesta en Casa” and Proximo Spirits. All Alexandra
Possenti’s events are designed with an underlying purpose of unifying American and
Latin culture to deliver global influences in an unconventional yet inspiring way to
connect the nations through the arts.

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