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Secret Techniques and Tips To Improve Your Modeling Career

The BIG dream! To become a top successful model. Glamorous photo-shoots, raving Instagram followers, exotic travel, exclusive dinner parties with A list celebrities. Achievable dream but the effort necessary to achieve this is not for a fainthearted person.

Here are some of the top tips to become a model to make you a household name for yourself:

One of the first things you should learn about becoming a model, and what it takes, is learning your market. Living in an urban area, agencies are not interested in the sexy, ultra-sexy, super-sexy, super-hip look that urban models have; instead they are interested in the less-traditional look, including more subtle hair and makeup, and more natural appearance. In fact, more urban models prefer the natural look, as opposed to the more glamorous, polished look preferred by more upscale agencies. This is why finding a modeling agency that is willing to work with your style is the most important first step for any model who is starting out.

Learning about your competition and learning about their strengths are also key to becoming a top model. You have to understand what works and what doesn’t for them, so that you can emulate their successful approach. This will make it easier to become a top model and a successful model.

Here are some tips on how to become a successful model that would serve as your guide for making it big in the modeling industry. Make use of these tips now and make use of them well!


Do you know Kate Moss was discovered from an airport while she was on a family vacation? That is a real life story. The point is modeling scouts travel all over the world and look out for upcoming fresh and potential talent everywhere. You can see them in the malls , airports, conferences, concerts, social media. Nowadays social media plays a huge role in your modeling discovery. So hype up your Instagram!


If you haven’t been signed up by an agency yet and want to give modeling a shot, you need to find an agency to represent your modeling career. You have to do this before getting to many professional photos and definitely finding runway shows on your own. Right agency will help you pick the right photos that match your style and market needs. It’s very difficult to do this on your own if you are new to the industry.


Before joining any agency you should know what kind of models they work with, some agencies specialized in certain categories, what is the commission they take, do they have an exclusive or non exclusive contracts, are they geographically closer to you and many more important details.


Gone are the days the runway is filled with zero sized baby face models strutting down in a high fashion outfit on heels. There are more opportunities for models with different type of body structure. You can be size 4 and could be walking the runway. Mr.Boon says recently clients are not really interested in working with models unless they turn 18 which is a huge shift in the industry.


A healthy diet is utmost important to be a successful model. Here are some diet tips from horse’s mouth (or from a model agent’s mouth). Some of these diets may come as a surprise to you.

Eating Salmon for breakfast. Salmon is an extremely healthy food rich in proteins combined with some vegetables will give you energy and strength compared to other high carbohydrate breakfast.

It’s important to drink a lot of water to keep yourself from dehydrating. Water helps with every aspect of your body including weight loss and overall health.

Pressed juice is your favorite friend. Fresh juice is a great alternative to other carbonated drinks. So start juicing every day.

It’s a good practice to bring your own food for the shows and runway. Most photo shoots have catered food and you never know there is going to be healthy food choices available. To minimize the risk bring your own granola bars and other healthy food with you.

Here are some more tips I found in the book by Mr. Boon “Secrets to become a model”.

Market is the decision maker, let the market pick your style. Always be professional and be nice to everyone in the set, treat your body with utmost care and professionalism, you need to have a mentality to hustle everyday, always use professional photos, be very active on social media, learn to pose for cameras. You can read more about these tips in this amazing book “Secrets to Become A Model” by Kelvin Boon.

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