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Red America Radio is back on the air with Karyn Turk and Dr. Christopher Metzler. Back by popular demand right in time for the election.

Red America Radio hit the airwaves in South Florida in 2019 as one of the hottest new conservative talk radio programs with its tagline “conservative talk for today’s red-blooded America.” Karyn Turk and Dr. Chris Metzler’s energies were in sync with quick-witted sarcasm and dry humor that made the show entertaining and engaging. They tackled political news and the tough divisive topics that have consumed so many headlines over the last few years. Their chemistry was evident with simple analogies and a refreshing perspective. Dr. Chris Metzler, a bestselling author and political pundit, has been admired for his scholarly take, which is serious, but his colorful delivery makes him relatable. Karyn is a former Mrs. Florida, but before you take her as just another beauty queen, her intelligence abounds with flashy comebacks and an excellent grasp of facts below the surface level stories. Both hosts have a history of handling crisis management cases for high-profile republicans. Notably, Karyn was the spokesperson on the Cindy Yang case and involved with Anthony DeCaluwe, a subject of interest during the impeachment. Turk has also been a strong advocate for Roger Stone. Karyn hosted fundraisers for the Stone defense, alongside her husband, Evan Turk. Who is a high-profile lawyer and statesman. Dr. Metzler is a recognizable face in D.C. every week. Chris has a quiet way of handling his crisis clients under the radar, which is well-respected and admired in the circles that he occupies.

Red America Radio, with the dynamic duo, quickly dominated nationally streaming across multiple platforms. Just when things got hot, the show disappeared for a minute. The anxious audience was left wondering what was next. Karyn Turk was producing new episodes of Behind the Headlines T.V. on YouTube, and Metzler on the Mic was podcasting.

The exciting news for fans of this powerful conservative duo is that it seems the lapse was just a power nap. The show has been transformed and reemerged. The LIVE radio show on Mondays at 7:30 PM EST, available on four WWNN Florida stations, 96.5FM, 95.3FM, 103.9FM, and 1470AM. The LIVE broadcast streams to Facebook and Instagram, with Twitch and others. By Tuesday afternoon, they are everywhere as a podcast on I-Heart, Spotify, Apple and others.

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