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Rediscovering Napa at Darioush Winery

One of the many thing this epidemic has taught us is to reconnect with Nature. For most of us, venturing outside and enjoying outdoor activities has always taken a back seat to the things Corona Virus has taken away – like bars, night clubs, movie theaters and concerts.  

Photo Credit – Alex Momeni

For those who are still on the fence and not the outdoorsy type, there is no better way to get your feet and lips wet with Nature and still indulge in some great adult beverages.  

Recently, we drove up the golden coast and ended up in Napa Valley, and found our way to a very special winery called Darioush Winery.  This Winery brings together the tranquility of the outdoors, ambiance of a fancy restaurant, and the warm and fuzzies only a good glass of wine (or two) will bring. 

Photo Credit – Alex Momeni

Darioush Winery offers wine tasting from its many selections where you can also enjoy lunch or dinner. They walk you through the history, culture and offer tours daily. You can also take your favorite bottle to go or join wine club where they will ship anywhere in the U.S. for great discounts. It’s a perfect location for couples or friends to get away to discover the many beauties of California’s wine country.  

Photo Credit – Alex Momeni

Darioush Winery is located at:
4240 Silverado Trail
Napa, Ca. 9455

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