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Paul Prince upcoming new track “ what I want” reveals his passion for movies and one his dear goals to win an Oscar.


This young talented man Paul Prince has been under our radar for some months now, after producing and directing a few independent series and movies, he turned his attention into music. He still talks about his passion about movies in his new song “what I want”. A film graduate, Paul Prince have been writing movie scripts for quite sometime now and wishes to put his scripts on the big screen, he wishes one day to win an Oscar, something he truly believes that he will. As an artist, Paul has been going to the studio very often and working on his new music, his latest song “what I want is the next track we can expect for him, it’s set to be release on August 7th.

In this song he names all of the things he wants in life. “Honey, Bars, Estate, Bands, Success, Produce, Oscar, Movies.

The song will come out alongside a music video directed by Don Bondo, filmed by the young Minato Colombo. We can expect a great video, as good as the previous video he put out on July 4th for his song “damaged” .

August 7th is only a few days away. Paul Prince is on a verge to direct another film that he also intends to send to many prestigious film festival next year. The film due to be filmed in August is titled “Run”. The film written by Paul Prince and to be directed by him, follows the path of a woman trapped in the forest by a man, goes to turmoil as she fights him to avoid his menace and stay alive. There’s has been a teaser of the film released.

Paul Prince also mentioned that he will be releasing several other songs and videos following the song “what I want” for the month of August and September and tends to release an album the day of his birthday in December 21. The album named “in my corner” will include all the songs he released in 2020, and all the songs he will put a video in 2021. Although he haven’t decided how many songs will be in the album but we can expect about 15-17 songs there, with many interesting features. 

The hardworking Paul Prince always something up his sleeves, Los Angeles awaits your arrival, we have faith he will fair very well in the show business industry. The multipotentialite artist is definitely on the right path to get what he wants.

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