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Are You I AM-ing Yourself into Failure? The Journey-Centered Life

The single most powerful statement you can make to transform your experience – for better or for worse – is, “I am.” This simple phrase has the power to define you. It’s a definition no one can put on you; you put it on yourself. It is a superpower. Whether you believe in the metaphysical understanding of energy, or you prefer to stick to the activities of the subconscious mind, the magnitude of I AM can not be denied.

Jesus called himself the I AM. Your solar plexus chakra, center of self-knowledge and personal power, is the I Am Center. Your subconscious mind is always listening. When you make definitive statements, it accepts them to be true. This is the foundation in the world of affirmations. What most affirmations miss, however, is the key: I AM.

How do you use your superpower?

Think of the statements you make beginning with the words, “I am.”

  • I am bad at remembering names.
  • I am always late.
  • I am SO tired.
  • I am not a morning person.
  • I am just not good at math.

We go around using I AM willy-nilly, tossing this powerful phrase out and convincing ourselves subconsciously of the veracity of the statement without consciousness. Make a list of your I AMs, the phrases you use without thought. Here are a few of my own I AMs:

  • I am never on time.
  • I am bad at math.
  • I am easily distracted.
  • I am less trained than others, therefore less worthy.
  • I am too busy to exercise.

Take Your Power Back

The good news is, now that you have the awareness, you can take your power back. Try this: Once you have made your list of statements, make a second list reframing those disempowering statements with empowering ones.

  • I am never on time – I AM working on improving my time management skills. I am valuing the time of myself and others.
  • I am bad at math – I AM gifted and skilled in a variety of ways, which I love. I AM comfortable with not excelling in everything.
  • I am easily distracted – I AM choosing to focus for greater and greater lengths of time.
  • I am less trained than others, therefore less worthy – I AM gifted and skilled and grateful for the opportunity to evolve in my own way and time.
  • I am too busy to exercise – I AM in control of my schedule and experience. I AM claiming time to support my health through exercise.

Make your new I AM statements your daily affirmations. Write them out by hand, say them out loud – – and watch your world shift. As you catch yourself making other statements that don’t support the reality you want, add them to the list and reframe them. 

You now have the awareness and the tools – will you use them? I AM!

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