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Why a former Pro-Athlete turned Businessman left the Automotive space

Continuing with our leadership series: Today we had the pleasure of interviewing a former professional biker turned businessman. David Bitner has had a storied career in automotive which is why so many of his colleagues were surprised to find him transition recently into the real estate space, we decided to interview him to explain this pivot in these turbulent times so our readers can learn from his vision and leadership.

David Bitner speaking publicly

What inspired you to start your current business?

The desire to change directions from auto to real estate.  I want to help individuals get the home the desire while keeping their payments in line with what they can truly afford

What is the story that inspired the name of the company?

Its a the bond of my wife and I and what we want in live. VandaInvestmentsLLC.  More to come under that business.

How has being an entrepreneur affected your life?

It has tought me work ethic.  When you own your own company there are no days off.  You have to hold yourself accountable.  Accountability is not an easy trait to come across in the work force these days.

What motivates you?

I motivate myself honestly. I am my toughest critic and constantly self reflect.  But, if i need a why beyond that is being successful for my family (Mom included).  I want them to be proud of me and the work I do.  

How do you generate new ideas?

I read a lot.  Not so much these Grant Cardone types, but little articles from all different industries.  Plus I decompress and think by getting out on my road bike and pedalling.  Thats a great reset for me

What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage fear?

Not making ends meet.  I do not want to have to ever be worried about paying the bills.  I can overcome that knowing that I have the tools to not need to worry about it.  I just need to have a talk with myself.

After a successful run in automotive what are the reasons you decided to enter the real estate industry?

after a while the auto business can wear you out.  Real estate was always my passion, auto just came easy

What are the main lessons you learned in the automotive sector that you will apply to the real estate industry? 

Honesty and integrity can separate you from the sharks.  This isnt a sprint, its a marathon.  These traits will last forever and when others cant sleep because of their shortcomings, I will be ok with how I run my business.

How do you define success?

Definitely not by money.  I have seen some very lonely people that only chase dollar bills.  I define success by living life on your own terms and generating enough wealth to leave a legacy.  Knowing that when you are gone and people will think of you with a smile on their face

Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur?

I do believe that one, you have to be intelligent or have a vision.  2, you need to work hard and stay focused, and 3 your network and reach are incredibly important.

What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

Being able to live life on your own terms.

What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

Deciding to exit corporate America and get back to building my own business.

What do you wish this company to accomplish within the next year ?

To allow families to get into a home they deserve and see their hard work pay off.  Generate enough business to propel 2021 with leads and referrals to build off of.

What do you wish this company will accomplish within the next five years?

My success in the next five years will have more phone calls coming in vs. calls i have to make to generate business.  That is when you know you are doing a good job for the people you have worked for.

What does proper leadership look like to do, what is an example of leadership you have seen that is not proper?

Leading from the front.  Its an us mentality.  When things go well its your team that did good.  When they didnt, its on you.  True leaders will take responsibility for their team they built.  

As far as the other, its the inability to be accountability for the directives  you give.  Not 1 leader knows all, they listen to the team and the other leaders you have trusted to run the departments.  If you cannot do that, either you or your hires are not right for the business.

For the aspiring entrepreneur reading this what advice will you give ?

Network and listen.   Always surround yourself with people of value.  Do not let the naysayers weigh you down.  But, in the process make sure you are properly capitalized.  If you think you are there, add 15%.

What final words do you have for all of the supporters?

I am looking forward to helping people get into the homes and loans they deserve this year.  I want to use my wisdom to make sure the wrong people in the industry do not deter people from making the moves that are right for themselves. 

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