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Catching up with Dr.Bill Janeshak

Continuing with our weekly leadership series today we had the pleasure of interviewing Dr.Bill Janeshak a podcast host, speaker, chiropractor, community leader and entrepreneur who owns his own clinic. He took time out of his busy schedule to share his story as well as provide us with valuble lessons on leadership and life. You don’t want to miss this !

What inspired you to start this business?
Since I was 4 years old I suffered from a seizure disorder that was somewhat managed by medication. I say somewhat because I would still experience 3-6 grand mal seizures a year and many petit mal seizures weekly despite me being on 600mg of the anti-seziure drug Dilantin. Despite years of going back and forth to doctors they never found the cause of my disorder. I never questioned it, I just figured “these were the cards I was dealt in life and the doctors will tell me if anything new comes up”…it never did. After several years, they quit testing and looking for a answer I would just go in a couple times a year to get blood tests and prescriptions filled. This was my normal. I had a good life growing up and the seizures were more of an inconvenience and sometimes embarrassing but, I played baseball, went out with friends, and had a mostly normal life. I was a jock so my difficulty learning and comprehending wasn’t unusual. Sometimes things just took a little longer for me to wrap my brain around. 

When I was about 22 years old, my mom dragged me to her Chiropractor for a check up. I wasn’t feeling any pain or discomfort but she said I need to get my spine checked because well, I never had my spine checked. I thought it was just a scam but my mom insisted. To say I didn’t feel any symptoms was an understatement. I was probably in make peak fitness and health. I had just been “released”by the New York Mets farm team. I was working out all the time, studying nutrition at the college, and was feeling extra happy about who I was. I didn’t have time for some quack to tell me I wasn’t at the top of my game. After mom pushed me to see this “doctor”, I filled out the paperwork as little as possible i.e. Name, rank, and serial number only. I did my exam, he took some x-rays for some reason. After all that, we sat down and went over my finding. I thought this was going to be quick. He said, “well Bill you’re in pretty good shape overall however”…then he proceeded to tell me that my neck was out of alignment. Also, that particular bone that was in my upper neck could cause a host of issues. I said, “this is right next to the brain stem, and it could cause stomach issues, migraine headaches, epilepsy, hearing issues, ect”. All i heard was epilepsy I figured my mother told him because I didn’t let them know (remember, name, rank, and serial number only). I told him that I had epilepsy, I’m sure my mother told you.

He looked through my paperwork and I told him that I didn’t write it down because I figured it was only something a real doctor would worry about. I asked him, “If this is true , that this could cause my epilepsy, why wouldn’t my doctor have told me this? “. He said, it’s because they don’t know. That was a hard pill for me to swallow since my doctor had a white coat, stethoscope, and a Mercedes (everything I thought made a medical doctor credible). Now, this new guy is telling me something different, something I have never heard before. He asked me why I had seizures and how are they treating it. I told him the doctor told me I was born that way (even though nobody else in my family ever had seizures) and I take medication.

The Chiropractor asked if I was born with a dilantin deficiency? And if I was born with it why I hadn’t had seizures before the age of 4? I was still having seizures. I remember him explaining to me how our bodies have a great healing capacity we just have to make sure there is no interference with the brain communicating with the body, like a vertebrae out of place or a bad diet. I remember my face contorting as I felt my paradigm shifting. It made sense. But I wasn’t convinced. He gave me my first adjustment. Unbelievable. I felt great!!  After my adjustment I could hear better, see better, even the colors of the world were brighter. I couldn’t believe it. I felt lighter and a ton of energy. Remember, I did not have any symptoms but i felt better after my body was fully communicating with the brain. 

He explained that just like when I exercise to stay healthy and fit, the brain and the nervous system needs the same care. It’s not about your symptoms, it’s about being at your best. If you’re functioning at your best, your body will take care of the symptoms. Drugs just cover up the symptoms, Chiropractic gets to the cause of the problem. It made so much sense, and it was so simple.Fast forward about a year later. I had experienced no more seizures, my workouts were better, I was stronger, had more energy, and recovered from workouts easier. The rest of my life changed dramatically as well. I seemed to easily absorb information at school, I even made the Dean’s list, I was taking classes and surprising myself. My brain was quick and thoughts and ideas just flowed through them, I was a different person. I felt unstoppable.

The year after, I weaned myself off of my medications. I had no idea how much those drugs depressed my mind. Many things that I thought were “just me” were actually side affects from the medication (insomnia, stuttering, nervousness, just to name a few). My whole life changed. I vowed that I had to become a Chiropractor and teach the world about this secret that nobody seems to know about. The more I learned about the brain and body, the more excited I got, the more excited, the more I had to learn. This process still goes on today. We are uncovering more information everyday. The body is truly amazing. People don’t want to take drugs, people want to live their dreams, they have to have a great body to carry them through.

That’s why I started Yorba Linda Family Chiropractic. When my patients see the untapped potential that they inanely have inside them, then see the results, miracles happen, and they happen everyday.I never opened a Chiropractic practice, (we are different than most Chiropractic offices) I started a public healthcare mission. A practice is a job, a mission is a calling.

What inspired the name of the company?

Yorba Linda Family Chiropractic was as simple and self explanatory as I could make it. I thought about big fancy names to “grab attention” but I preferred to let my brand of Chiropractic and the results do the talking.
How has being an entrepreneur affected your life?

I have always been an entrepreneur from selling lemonade, baseball cards, and my first real business was a janitorial company I started when i was 18. I learned a lot about the basics of business then.Chiropractors have to be entrepreneurs, there are very few jobs out there that you can just clock in and clock out. There are no hospitals that we can become employees of. This actually is a blessing in disguise. We have to learn to get our message out and take responsibility for our results. 

Because our profession tends to go against conventional thinking to survive most Chiropractors are just like me…on a mission. This mindset is a perfectly matched with being an entrepreneur, we never turn it off, we are never done, we are always looking for the next mountain to climb. 

What motivates you?

The pursuit of greatness. I love watching someone overcome a limiting belief, put there head down and grind until they do something great. When I say, “great” I don’t mean doing something only a few can accomplish. I mean, doing something in an outstanding way  To me, it’s like watching a flower bloom, it just unfolds naturally and more beauty comes out.

How do you generate new ideas?

I spend a lot of time just thinking.

I keep a list of things that I want to explore more deeply. I listen and observe a lot of my patients and friends and see what questions they are asking, or what problems they are having and I sit and ask myself, “What if?” and “How could we?” type of questions. Then I just let my mind shoot out answers. However, I always ask in an empowered state, expecting an answer. 

What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage fear?

My greatest fear is that I die with an action, idea, or energy still left in me.

Daily journaling has been the best tool to make sure I have done all I can to stay focused on whatever I’m working on. In my journaling I can be honest with myself and see were i need to improve and keep myself honest with what I’m putting out into the world.

What are your ideals?

An Ideal life, in my opinion, is that of congruency. As I stated, The pursuit of Greatness motivates me, if you value something you would be remiss if you didn’t give it all of the attention that it deserves, wouldn’t you? . In an ideal health, you would take care of your mind, because that tells you what to think and how to act, you would take care of your exercise and nutrition because that fuels the body to take the action you thought of, you would rest well to allow your body to build so you can continue your journey.

 That’s just one example but its the congruency between what your value and how you act consistently will make you great, those that give a half hearted approach or dabble in something always will be disappointed. At one time I thought about changing the name of my practice to Yorba Linda Family Chiropraxis.  Praxis means basically to walk your talk. 

How do you define success?

Living your life daily in a beautiful state of mind, constantly growing, and the resources to make choices that benefit you, your family, and community.
That’s my definition of success. 

Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur?

To become a successful entrepreneur ultimately comes down to your “why”. You’ve got to be so consumed by your vision that nothing can stop you. You have to be arrogant enough to believe that your mission or vision is something the world needs, you need to be humble enough to ask for help in the way to get there, you need to be dumb enough to try every crazy thing, you need to be smart enough to figure a better way, and you have to be healthy enough to make sure your body can generate enough energy to see it through. All of that takes a big reason why. 

What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

Unlimited potential. Everything that I have or I don’t have I’ve earned.
There are no income ceiling, no time clocks, and no boundaries to what I can do. It’s a playground for my life. 

What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

For me, it’s anytime I get a “thank you so much, I’ve been to countless doctors and you’re the only one that has helped me…you changed my life”. That always, makes my chest swell up as well as my eyes. However, there was one particular 4 year old boy named James that sticks out in my head. His mother had brought him in because he was having seizures and she read somewhere that I had the same thing. She thought she’d give me a try. James had just started having seizures 6 months prior, he was on medications that mom said, “made him loopy…not my little boy”, and that was the reason she brought him in, because he wasn’t the same on mediations as he was without them, she felt like she was loosing her little boy. I put James on a treatment plan.

Almost immediately his seizures dropped by 80%, the next few weeks they stopped completely, the teachers at school started reporting that he was doing so well in school that the new medication is really working! (they didn’t know he was under Chiropractic care), and mom began to wean him off medications. Soon she got her old son back , no seizures, no medications, no looniness, and better in school. I remembered hearing that and crying. The thing i hadn’t mentioned was that James looked just like I did at that age, same seizures, and same story. It was as if I went back in time to save myself.I remembered thinking in that moment that it was all worth it, I was living my purpose.

What do you wish this company to accomplish within the next year ?

In the next year we intend to grow our educational classes. It’s great that we have the skills to get the results that we do but it all starts with education. People have to know what their bodies are capable of and that their potential is only stunted by their thoughts. We have the technologies and knowledge to help, cure, and/or relieve just about everything naturally, people just have to know it’s possible. 

We’ve worked along time to make our classes cutting edge in content but make them fun and entertaining so that people absorb the knowledge. That’s were the power in teaching is most affective.
What do you wish this company will accomplish within the next five years?

In 5 years it’s our intention to open the first Wellness Mall. A group of health/family orientated practices in a parklike setting to enrich the Wellness Lifestyle that so many people are craving today. It will be anchored by a Whole Foods-type of grocery store, with nutrition experts to help with you shopping, a large functional fitness gym, large lecture halls for community educations and entertainment, coffee shops, comedy clubs, massage centers, and many others.

Of course, everyone will be greeted and adjusted by their friendly Chiropractor. I believe the flagship Center will be in Southern California and once established we can franchise others. Very exciting. 
For the aspiring entrepreneur reading this what advice will you give ?

Dig deep into whatever is calling you. Learn everything about your business and people you serve you can. Go to seminars, events, classes to learn what you need. Surround yourself with people that are just as driven as you are and will hold you to a higher standard. Subscribe to LA Tribune and great entrepreneurial journals to stay relevant in your space. 

Keep feeding your mind good stuff. Stay in optimum health (of course, see a Chiropractor regularly) eat well, sleep deep, and make sure you’re having fun.

What final words do you have for all of the supporters?

I’m honored and privileged to have been asked about my business. I have been a fan of the LA Tribune for a long time. The new digital format is something that I love because I can have it with me always and it’s easy to share.

With that being said, and if you’ve seen any value in my story or any of the other stories, share it with a friend. Get them to subscribe and more importantly the value that this publication brings. I pull out gems out of every issue and use them (another entrepreneur secret is to never let a good idea sit) to grow my business, and you should too. 

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