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The Word FEAR in Scrabble letters

 “On the basis of FEAR…”

…are many of the actions taken by people in today’s world. Whether it’s consciously or subconsciously, it is a matter of fact.  Of course, there will be arguments against that statement so let me be clear.  The majority of people find themselves existing, having settled into situations that are “comfortable” – which means being used to.  Note, it does not mean good;  it does not mean bad – it simple is existing in situation that are accepted and interpreted as “normal”. At this moment in time that widely accepted label of “normal” is being challenged by the pandemic, by the protests in the U.S. that have found support across the globe, and by people being forced to go within. 

When the “normal” is being challenged more FEAR sets in and thus, more actions on the basis of FEAR take place.  Change – even if positive – is something that has been painted a possible threat to many – after all, it may interfere with our “comfort.” That is where we find ourselves, once again, today.  This is, a time of re-awakening, a time to go inward and reflect and yet, with the teaching of FEAR underlying so many societies we see tempers erupt. 

We need to remember that FEAR and PANIC are based in teaching of lack, focusing on the pain of members of societies – whether those pain points are real or indoctrinated.  This all means, that especially in challenging times FEAR is one of the first emotions that comes up because something “unknown” is happening. Then, if we don’t get a handle on it we’ll share the fear and thus multiply it.  FEAR then is in our energy, it’s the way we move, it’s the pattern we have gotten used to and it connects us with so many others.  FEAR can be a common denominator, something that brings us together and thus – allows us to be controlled better. That is where division of people occurs.  The FEAR of one group versus the FEAR of another.  The question has to be: What are we really afraid of? 

A quick walk down memory lane: Remember, once more, when we were children?  What were we afraid of?  What were you afraid of and why?  Most likely not much.  After all, when we are children we are our own Superheroes, invincible by design.  When we were children we do not know what was next… we do not care.  We simple explore how far we can go.  It is exciting to “not know”.  Indeed, we get hurt and stand back up; “failing forward” if you will. We remain invincible until we are being taught that there is such a thing as FEAR.

The teachings we receive are on the basis of FEAR – even if from a perspective of love.  FEAR that we may get hurt, FEAR of the other, FEAR of failure, FEAR of being different; FEAR – most of all that there is not enough – not enough of some “thing”.  The teaching that there is not enough and that being different is not desired. This is a fundamentally materialistic and competitive philosophy creating FEAR based on the notion of lack and scarcity.  Thus, Fear is a socialized parameter. In other words FEAR can be understood as “Fabricated –Erroneously-Archived-Reality”.

During challenging times, though, we are being given the opportunity to shift away from these socialized norms.  Those times are times to Re-Awaken, those times provide us with opportunities to explore our beliefs and their origins IF we listen and hear what is happening. It is these opportunities that we recognize as opportunities to question the norms and to lead ourselves out of the circle of FEAR.  All it takes is to take look at our relationship with ourselves.  Can we face the FEAR? Can we be brave on the basis of FEAR?

If you feel FEAR right now the question is:  What are you afraid of? Hold, don’t answer right away:  Take breath and think.  When we start going down the rabbit hole into “why” and again “why” and again “why” (which is such a common approach in coaching) then at some point the “why” most likely comes down to: 

“I am afraid that I will not be able to handle this” (or a different version of that).

That answer leads to Pandora’s box of your relationship with yourself and what is LACKING in that relationship, after all you’ll always be with you.

How much do you love yourself?  If your self-love is missing, if your self-respect and your self-confidence are missing, that means: YOU have separated from yourself and that might be the scariest thing in the world. You are lacking the love of self, the knowledge of self – the belief and knowledge that YOU can handle anything because you will always have you.  If that is missing – then we act on the basis of FEAR and that FEAR prevents us from BEing all we can BE.

An elephant and a child handing a flower to their shadows

The key is to BE brave on the basis of FEAR and re-archive, re-evaluate, investigate and re-define all that false evidence to re-connect with ourselves and embrace ourselves again.  That is the change and will lead to more peaceful change. 

A peaceful revolution if you will.

If you are ready to step outside of FEAR here are some simple steps:

  • Face yourself.  Get reunited with yourself and embrace all that you are. 
  • Understand that you are having a human experience. 
  • Embrace that you are unique and needed as you are.
  • Understand that there is abundance and that the existing abundance can be freely shared.
  • This is the time to let love in. 

FEAR is the socialized belief in lack, a focus on the EGO (persona) and, above all: the absence of love. It is time to RESPOND on the basis of FEAR and BE the change by focusing on self-love and unconditional love in all its abundance to be able to handle anything and thus: eliminate FEAR as a determining factor for your actions.

Love Thyself
Love Thyself

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