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A Time for Inner Work – The Journey-Centered Life

It seems that there have been two distinct reactions to the shutdown and all it entails: people turning their focus outward, to events, politicians, conspiracy theories, news stories, and arguments with strangers online. Many have reacted by turning inward, using the time for reflection, cleaning out closets, and meditation. 

I am an Energy Transformation Wayshower. I know what you’re thinking: what the heck is that? Sometimes I wonder the same thing. In a nutshell, I work with people individually and in small groups to release emotional baggage, gain clarity, rewire the subconscious, and create alignment with the individual soul’s purpose. I work with current life issues, past lives and ancestral trauma to resolve physical, emotional, and energetic concerns. I work remotely, through phone calls and video chats, and I always have. The safer at home orders, therefore, had very little impact on the way I operated.

During the first week of the shutdown, my client load dropped significantly as people hit the pause button on energy healing and soul alignment work with the understandable fear that money would soon be scarce. By the second week, however, my schedule was booming, full, and booking out well in advance. People from all walks of life began recognizing the opportunity to slow down and focus on themselves.

That takes awareness. The inner work we do in sessions, facing the experiences, the traumas, and the failures related to the trapped emotions we release, can be difficult, but it’s always worth it.

During this time, I have been blessed to work with an entirely new population that has suffered significant trauma – the Latinx community. Through referrals, I have been connected to a dozen or more women who, despite tight finances, are investing in themselves, learning new tools, and doing the work to bring about healing for themselves at last.

I have been so inspired by their determination to leave the past behind and move forward to claim the joy-filled lives they came here for. The tragic irony is that in their home countries, they suffered terribly. On the journey here, they suffered terribly. Once here, alone, poor, and vulnerable, they suffered terribly. And now, decades after arriving, they cry as they tell me they have never felt loved, they have never felt happy, or at peace. That even at nearly 70, they long to finally experience simple pleasures, like a good man to give them love, respect, and kindness.

This time of racial division and turmoil offers us something: the opportunity to lay all factors aside, and remember that each of us is a soul, housed in a body. Race, religion, socioeconomic, and political status aside, we are the same. No one has the right to take away our sovereignty, our claim over our own lives.

It’s hard. I am a very opinionated person. This is a tough one for me. It’s easy, and comforting, to create boxes and sort everyone into place, but that violates the truth: that we are all one. Underlying violence, and outbursts of anger, I see so much heartbreak and impotent rage. In the drive to control and hoard, I see fear,  and insecurity. And throughout it all, I see opportunities, to practice peace, compassion, love, and gap-bridging. 

I hope you will join me, and work toward being the change we wish to see. And however imperfectly we do it, let’s do it together.

For an excellent article on personal awareness, read: Why Now is the Time to Start Cultivating Personal Awareness, By Victoria Brodsky

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